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« on: 28 May 2003, 21:49 »
Ive got a mk3 16v unmodified apart from my K & N. Really want to get some 17" OZ. I know these will fit my arches. but will it mean i need to have new suspension so it sits right on the 17" rims? ???
Dont want to go for anything real expensive as ill have already spent enough on the OZ's! Anyone have any advice on the matter??

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Re: Lowdown??
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???You dont say if you have plastic arches or not but you can get away with 40mm springs and 17s but only if you get 7wide not 7.5 I think oz offer this option still.Then go for 205 tyres and you will be okay even with people in the back.The other option is coilovers which are more precise than springs and then roll arch lips-most places now get you to sign disclaimer in case paint flakes!!!Hope this helps-Me ? ive done springs only and its not scraped arches yet - even under full load!! :) :)
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