Author Topic: MK2 Golf Gti buying guide help  (Read 3060 times)

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MK2 Golf Gti buying guide help
« on: 22 January 2023, 19:13 »
Hi guys, really sorry if this topic has been brought up before! I am currently looking at buying a mk2 golf gti 16v and need some guidance on what to look for when buying one. When it comes to miles, how many is too many or does it not matter if the car has been restored fully recently? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: MK2 Golf Gti buying guide help
« Reply #1 on: 23 January 2023, 10:47 »
There doesn’t seem to be much going on on this forum. I’ve posted a few days ago and not a single reply.
Mileage doesn’t bother me and nor does restored. What matters is condition and how it’s been looked after in the past.

I’m no golf expert but windscreen surround and scuttle area can rot. Jacking points need close looking at.
I’d also steer clear of engine conversion ones but guess that’s a personal thing. My car also had a drip into the fuse box which can obviously cause electrical issues which I’m sorting now.

Mines a 16v and done 200k, engine and box are sweet as a nut, all looks original to me.

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Re: MK2 Golf Gti buying guide help
« Reply #2 on: 23 January 2023, 12:01 »
Volkswizard has recently bought a mk2 and he has created 2 videos about it, they mention several points to look at, have a look here:
BMW 128ti - current

Mk 7.5 GTI PP, indium grey, manual - gone