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« on: 30 October 2022, 16:42 »
Hello all, my first post on here.
I have a Mk2 1.8 Gti 8 valve registered inJan 1992 it suddenly cut out and refuses to start.
Just before I had fitted new distributor cap, rotor arm, plugs, leads, and coil, and it had just passed its MOT
and was running really well, a friend tested for power, and it gets as far as the distributor.
I removed the distributor and stripped it down and found the Hall sender plastics had all disintegrated.
Now my predicament the Bosch distributor is numbered 0237520044 / 037905205K, the Hall sender for this distributor costs 127€ where I live. So naturally I priced the whole distributor, much more realistic.
The problem is that some sites tell me that the numbers say it’s no good for a PB engine (which according to the log book it is a PB)
Question: does anyone know if it is the correct distributor for the engine it’s been running for some years with it.... sorry for the length of the post. D/D