Author Topic: Mk2 gti 8v not starting 😩  (Read 4689 times)

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Mk2 gti 8v not starting 😩
« on: 27 April 2022, 20:51 »
Hi all, bought my mk2 gti 8v last Friday and when starting it would idle roughly until it hit 60 degrees and then it would settle down. The issue is now it won’t start at all.
Things I have done so far are:
-Drained and replaced fuel
-Fuel is being injected
-Spark from all plugs
-Unplugged blue temp sensor and tried to start
-tried easy start
-checked compression all reading 150psi it’s done 200k

One thing that is confusing me it the distributor has no mark on it to line up the rotor arm and when the fly wheel is lined up the rotor arm is pointing to 7 o clock not 1 o clock ? I did turn it 180 degrees but that didn’t  work and felt wrong as it was running before, see pic.

I’ve now run out of ideas any help would be much appreciated TIA.

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Re: Mk2 gti 8v not starting 😩
« Reply #1 on: 14 March 2023, 01:32 »
What's it's fuel delivery system on your 8v

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Re: Mk2 gti 8v not starting 😩
« Reply #2 on: 01 April 2023, 21:21 »
What engine is it?
If started and ran,but now doesn't,  would suggest go back to basics,  carry out static timing test.