Author Topic: Over Revving When Changing Gear  (Read 2583 times)

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Over Revving When Changing Gear
« on: 06 August 2020, 16:15 »
Hi guys, wondering if you could help, I had my ASZ clutch, flywheel and bearing replaced 18 months ago by a garage I regulary use.

Recently the car has started flying through the rev range without going anywhere when changing gear which indicates to me that the clutch is slipping?

I took it back to garage and they said that it needs a new clutch which I thought was odd as the previous clutch was in the car since new and had been driven by me for ten years without causing a problem (the flywheel was knocking which is why it was changed).

I argued that if it was the clutch then its because it hasnt been fitted correctly as there is no way it could have given up so easily as the last one lasted over ten years with the same driver.
The strange thing is that the pedal sometimes feels as though the biting point is right at the top but other times its quite low and can bite like it should?

Does anyone have any ideas as to whether it will be the clutch or another component, your thoughts would be appreciated!