Author Topic: help with engine bay wires and sensors please :)  (Read 8959 times)

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help with engine bay wires and sensors please :)
« on: 11 April 2017, 21:28 »
Good evening all,   I wonder if anyone would be so kind as to take a peak at their engine bay and give me some pointers with below wiring,   In particular a newer GTI Cabriolet if possible,   mines a 92 GTI

Briefly,  I bought an old Cabriolet GTI a month or so ago that had been sat up in an old farm unit for 3-4 years,  the car had previously had a KR 16v running bike carbs conversion, the engine had lost compression on no.3 and the owner had taken it to his unit, dropped the engine and gearbox out complete,  sourced a replacement KR 16v sat it next to the car and it had sat like that until I found it.   I've got it home fitted the engine replaced clutch cam belt etc and got it running all be it a little rough and rich, but well enough to get it to a garage for tune and test.
Anyway, the point of this post is I'm left now with unlabelled wires and sensors on the engine not connected,  as I didn't take it apart its a bit of a puzzle for me,  I've worked out most important things but I have the following left and can only find conflicting info online.   Oh and I should mention all the old injection plugs are all tied back out of the way from whenever the conversion was done,  so I'm assuming what I have left should go somewhere.
here goes

The sensors I have that need a wire are -
2 spade connectors on oil filter housing, front and rear,
Front -      I believe this is blue/black wire ??
Rear -       I thought was green wire, but found conflicting info online saying yellow also
3 spade connectors underneath Distributer on side of head around water pipe,  (when looking from dist end)
bottom left -      I thought was the yellow/red wire for water temp??
top left -
top right -
2 pin plug below distributer bottom right of water pipe
I have 2 different plugs spare that could go on here -
- brown 2 pin plug with a red/black and a green/white wire
- blue (could be green maybe) 2 pin plug with a brown and a red/white wire

The wires I have spare are -
- blue/black.    (suspect above oil filter)
- green/black
- yellow
- brown/white.   (this one has been cut, so may not be needed after conversion)
- blue/white.  (this is coming from distributer part of loom and has also been cut)
and the two plugs mentioned above,  brown and blue(green)

Also there is one more wire I can't see if possible to reach anything so probably an aftermarket thing thats been removed,  its blue with a white clear single pin plug on the end and is coming from the positive loom next to battery.

Any pointers for any of the above wires to help me fill in the blanks would be very much appreciated,   searching online is frying my brain!! haha