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Tornado red GTI.
« on: 19 April 2016, 13:54 »
Picked up my GTI on Saturday.

It's a 3dr (no kids thank god) it's got 55k, FVWSH, DSG, RNS510 unsure on exact model but no DAB or Bluetooth. Genuine LED rears, and 18" Monzas. That's the boring stuff out of the way.


AP coilovers.
Forge FMIC.
Scorpion DP and decat (with 3" link pipe).
Revo stage 2 intake (I think).
Revo stage 2 software. Think this will get replaced.
H&R 10mm rear spacers.
Smooth front bumper, needs paint as its a little darker and I want the lower middle part colour coded.
Audi R8 oil and coolant caps.
Gloss black rear 'diffuser' and skirt trims.

The car is quite good condition from what I can see, not perfect but it wasn't £12000 either. The front wing needs a little re alignment, a skirt trim needs clipping back on and the passenger seat needs a couple of stitches in one of the corners. It also needs 2 front tyres replacing, I have 2 Vred Ultrac Sessantas in the boot waiting to be fitted. I'm going to have a look round the PCV after a bit of reading, I noticed a bit of old oil down the side of the engine.

I've ordered a couple of bits, just naff bits to start me off, soon into wheels, exhaust and possibly a K04.

GTI seat trim badge things.
Carbon paddle extensions.
Team Heko wind deflectors.
Fitted seat cover to try and combat the lazy man wear on the drivers seat.

Looking at getting rep xenons now but I'm not 100% on what I need to get so I'll do some more reading.

I have upgraded from a MK1 Seat Leon Cupra R 225, which is stage 2 and a bit of a beast. The Golf is equally as quick as the Leon, but more refined in everything it does.

I'll work on getting some pictures uploaded this evening, cheers. Josh

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Re: Tornado red GTI.
« Reply #1 on: 25 April 2016, 19:31 »
Sounds good. Any pictures? Also how much was it if you don't mind me asking....
Regards, Mike.