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Re: Buying advice
« Reply #10 on: 11 June 2024, 08:37 »
Thanks for all the useful info.

I have decided to go see the approved used VW that David pointed me towards. I have to say, having looked quite a lot over the last few weeks, that seems a decent value proposition for what I am interested in. I've been quite disappointed by the ratio of auto to manuals... I guess most first time buyers of a brand new shiny GTI wanted the comfort of the auto (which I totally understand).

The one I am now looking at has full VWSH and is being sold fully approved used and comes with the associated warranty. I'm well aware these don't cover everything but it does give some peace of mind over a private seller or even a random used car trader. Fingers crossed it's as good in person.

Got a link?

I can +1 buying one from VW - They will not sell a car that has been messed with (Remaps and such) or ones with dodgy history/service history and the mileage is garanteed.

I got my Edition 35 from VW and the approved used package in my opinion is amazing and un-beatable.
- 2 years warranty (Not covering wear & tear)
- 2 years breakdown cover
- 2 years MOT cover (If the car fails on anything Major, you get upto £700 per year to claim for repairs)

and on top of that you get a full inspection sheet and they go over alot.
My car for example, during the checks they found a few issues including the battery and put it all right.
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Re: Buying advice
« Reply #11 on: 11 June 2024, 15:15 »
All adverts have now been taken down as I have put a holding fee before going to see it in person (it is over 2 hours from me).

It looks like that same dealer has looked after it from new and had it in their workshop every year since 2012. The only niggle I have since spotted is the last MOT in January (which of course - they themselves did) notes some corrosion on the rear subframe which has not weakened it. If they are going to sell it, they will need to put a fresh MOT on it so I've highlighted this specifically.

I guess it depends if that is a slightly over zealous MOT tester or a genuine issue. We shall see. The car has covered less than 30k miles so serious corrosion would be quite impressive.

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Re: Buying advice
« Reply #12 on: 12 June 2024, 10:29 »
Depends on the mot tester any rust now should be noted even when minor according to the new rules.
But I do know of a few that have had to have replacement rear subframes but saying that I know they service rust after a couple years from new. So you would need to see it too see what it was like.
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Re: Buying advice
« Reply #13 on: 12 June 2024, 13:59 »
The ball is in their court at the moment as I haven't committed to buying. It is actually interesting to see how it pans out as I cannot see VW wanting an approved used car with that sort of advisory if it's remotely structural. Would presumably put them at too big a risk with the scheme let alone reputation.

Having done some general research, the rear subframe doesn't appear a particularly common issue on these as you suggest. Could be an MOT tester at a main dealer who rarely sees cars more than 8 years old.