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Golf mk8 / Re: New Golf GTI open for order £38,900 OTR
« Last post by P6GTD on 20 June 2024, 16:52 »
Schmeil1…….are you a real person?

If so, do tell how you fared in Ipswich this morning.
Golf mk8 / Re: New Golf GTI open for order £38,900 OTR
« Last post by Dave1rs on 20 June 2024, 16:51 »
Just configured one…..but going to see if the dealers will give me a better offer tomorrow before I order online,just spent a year without my mk8 gti and am ready for a new one.
Golf mk8 / Re: New Golf GTI open for order £38,900 OTR
« Last post by JoeGTI on 20 June 2024, 15:09 »
The "Black pack" was always an option here in Ireland on the MK8 for both the GTI and R. It deleted the red stripe (or blue stripe on R), replaced with a black stripe and you got the black mirror caps. It was around 450-500 quid. The headlight housings were not different though, so this is the only difference in the 8.5.

I think it works better on the R, as the blue stripe on the R grill is a bit naff imo... whereas the red one on the GTi is a bit more "signature" .
Golf mk8 / Re: New Golf GTI open for order £38,900 OTR
« Last post by schmeil1 on 20 June 2024, 15:04 »
I shall be through the door at Ipswich VW first thing on Thursday morning (20th) to place my order  :smiley:

I have decided on the Grenadilla Black with the 19'' Estoril Black wheels.

I've had a mk6 and a mk7 Golf (both GT trim) in the past and I'm currently in a 2016 Tiguan SEL (195,000 on the clock!!) but I have always wanted a GTi  :smiley:

Cannot wait  :grin: :grin: :grin:
Grenadilla black?  :sad:

Each to their own  :wink:

Red, white, black or varying shades of grey - I don't find the colour choice terribly inspiring  :sad:

And I appreciate that black is not the easiest colour to keep clean looking but My car. My choice  :kiss:

 :grin:  :grin: :grin:
Golf mk8 / Re: New Golf GTI open for order £38,900 OTR
« Last post by AndyGTI on 20 June 2024, 14:12 »
Re: Matrix LED gate

The UK GTI has Matrix LED as standard but lesser UK golfs and those German GTIs don't ahve Matrix LED as standard.

So someone in Milton Keynes will realise the error and adjust it...evidently.

As has already been mentioned the black styling pack gives you:

1) Black Door mirror casings
2) Headlight inserts in black
3) Removal of red stripe to make it black (I know you won't believe me so try choosing it with car facing you in the configurator) Also this was confirmed on Youtube walk around of Clubsport

Hope that clarifies things.

@fredgroves  I laughed when I saw what you call the Richmond wheel design.  That is what my mate says. I am non-plussed by them but would prefer difference wheels.

After playing with configurator, I don't need to worry about do I or don't I order as colour and wheels is a problem and I also I mistook the first year VED sum, so I won't have another £1100 to play with after all, so min options pushes it too high. Like so many perhaps a good 7.5 is the way to go.

I do like the new facelift GTI and does seem a very good package 
Golf mk8 / Re: Emissions Control Light
« Last post by monkeyhanger on 20 June 2024, 14:01 »
I'll mention Davey-C's story and hope they take it into consideration, but Fred is probably right that they always follow what the computer tells them to. I don't think it's coincidence that this fault code was logged during the first service - they've disturbed or messed with something. They did manage to use about 2 gallons of my fuel when they last had it, but the car did 2 miles in their care - presumably it was sat there ticking over for an age while they worked on it.
Golf mk8 / Re: Emissions Control Light
« Last post by Davey-c on 20 June 2024, 13:22 »
That’s probably the reason it took so long for them to sort my car. Hopefully there is now a fix for it and Monkeyhanger can get his car sorted.👍🏻
Golf mk8 / Re: New Golf GTI open for order £38,900 OTR
« Last post by JoeGTI on 20 June 2024, 13:07 »
The black pack thing has to be a mistake.

On the German configurator, the base car is quite "basic". The IQ Lights pack is €1215. The "Black pack with IQ Lights" is €1700. If you select one, it prompts you to remove the other.

So it should be closer to the 500 quid mark I think, which is still a bit pricey for what it is. You can get a pair of black mirror caps on Ebay for 40 quid. And I'd be a bit on the fence about losing the red stripe on the front.

 I do like the darkened headlights though.
Golf mk8 / Re: New Golf GTI open for order £38,900 OTR
« Last post by fredgroves on 20 June 2024, 12:35 »
Yes, seems you are forced to select DCC now with any of the 19's options. I think you should spec DCC anyway, it's a must have for me, but for sure, it does make the wheel upgrade "seem" expensive.

Not all of the 19's... only the bendy ones.

Its a rock and a hard place on the wheel choice though. I was adamant on my Mk8 that I wasn't having the swastika wheels  :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: and then I was scared that the 19's would be horrible without DCC...
Golf mk8 / Re: Emissions Control Light
« Last post by fredgroves on 20 June 2024, 12:26 »
You can mention all you like but unless the VAG computer says "do this" they won't do anything because that is how VW pay the dealer for the warranty work.

I had a VW dealer mechanic tell me that straight out - you can't use your own brain and fault find, its guided fault find by the "clever" VAG computer.

Its why I spent 3 years (!!!!) trying to solve the bloody bong problem - because until it was a solution the computer suggested they couldn't have done it if they had wanted to!
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