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Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by o`Neil on Today at 04:45 »
Here's an alternative by Novline at an a lot friendlier price point, may not look spectacular but no mat does and they serve a purpose!

I`ve bought those in the past, just the fronts and they were about £26ish. They fit reasonably well but you get what you pay for I guess as the quality isn`t that good, they were thin and plasticy.
Golf mk8 / Re: OBD11/VCDS Tweakery
« Last post by Brocky_ on Today at 04:39 »
Fred, is there any chance that switching the Lane Assist to default off can affect warranty or be a problem for someone on a lease deal, for example?  I would like to do it off but don't want to run into any issues in the event of a warranty claim.
Golf mk8 / Re: WeConnect / Primary user woes!
« Last post by Brocky_ on Today at 04:33 »
I had the same issue when I picked mine up.  I tried the recommended methods and nothing would work.  If you search back through my posts in March, you should find the saga.  I eventually resorted to doing a factory reset of the Infotainment unit and tried again, which worked first time.
Golf mk8 / Re: Data connection/grey globe
« Last post by massimo23 on 22 September 2021, 23:45 »
Yes it has happened to me twice already and each one lasted one week with no connection. I was told problems from the srver side by the Weconnect helpline. Had the Ocu update done and seems to make no difference.
Golf mk8 / Re: WeConnect / Primary user woes!
« Last post by Adam T7 on 22 September 2021, 23:11 »
It’s pants anyway, wouldn’t be concerned
Golf mk8 / WeConnect / Primary user woes!
« Last post by JoeGTI on 22 September 2021, 22:49 »
Hi guys,
I'm sure this has been discussed elsewhere a few times, but its hard to find recent info.

I collected my new CS today. Loving it. Except the infotainment setup is threatening to kill my buzz  :angry:

No matter what I try, I just can't get the "Primary user" thing to work. I've setup the WeConnect app on my phone, I've added the car in the app. All good so far, that part looks fine. Then I go to the car, into the Users menu. I've set the privacy to the least strict (can't remember the term, but least restrictive) and I've got the white globe indicator.

Then I try to add myself as a user. I enter my email and password and tap "Login". I get a spinner for ~20 seconds (Loading settings...) and eventually I get an error - "Sorry, unable to load settings".

I've tried numerous things, factory resetted the infotainment, removed and re-added the car on the phone app, but same result every time. I called VW's support (who actually operate 24-7) and they just went through the same steps, factory reset, etc, but no fix. They tell me they will "escalate it" with their tech support team. Hmmm!

I've also tried connecting the car to my home WiFi, which the car can see with full bars signal, but when I enter my WiFi password, I get an error there too. Can't connect to WiFi!

I also see error notifications for the car failing to download the user manual?? Anyone else seen that one? I had an alert for a software update too, which I clicked on and it seemed to apply an update relatively quickly with no error.

Do I really have to go back to the dealers already or is there any other magic solution that anyone else with these issues has found?

I'm hoping its just a software glitch and nothing more serious than that.
Golf mk8 / Re: SOS Fault
« Last post by fredgroves on 22 September 2021, 21:17 »
Interesting post from a German based tech specialist

I've seen rumour of this elsewhere too.

Apparently skoda (who share the same software) are rolling this out now.

Possibly the end is in sight...
Golf mk8 / Re: Noob Mk8 questions
« Last post by fredgroves on 22 September 2021, 21:13 »
It does remember everything except the drive mode... Which goes back to normal when you restart. You need to reselect the profile or flick the chicken nugget to get it back to sport.
Golf mk8 / Re: Car waxing for beginners
« Last post by Ceefeesh on 22 September 2021, 21:07 »
Each to  their own although I have to agree with WillNI. I switched to AG Ultra HD wax about a year ago and it produces a deep shine and the beading lasts a long time. It only needs waxing a couple of times a year.
Golf mk8 / Re: SOS Fault
« Last post by Yantos on 22 September 2021, 20:47 »
Getting this a lot.

Had the car from new since April, only use at weekend (it’s done 1500 miles total) but seems to throw this error up every other weekend. The infotainment unit seems to kick me out as a user and then just hangs / reboots so can’t use it.

Complete pos. Expected better from VW. Already looking forward to the car going back in April 2023….
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