Author Topic: All of golfdave's "How to retro-fit" guides.  (Read 15943 times)

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All of golfdave's "How to retro-fit" guides.
« on: 21 December 2019, 11:16 »
This is a straight copy from the "GolfMK7" forum where I post these threads. You might have to create an account & log-in to see the pictures in full screen, due to their new website system. I had previously listed on this forum each guide separately. However, due to website links breaking & various other factors it is easier for me to place the link to the main big "list" of all my "How to guides" over on the Golf MK7 Forum.

This is the link to the complete list of ALL the "How to retro-fit" guides that I have written for my Mk7 Golf Estate (GSW):-

Full details in each guide if they need to be adapted for the standard 3dr or 5dr hatch.

Because my car was a "loaded" (I went mental on the options list) UK (European) GT (Highline) there are many common "How to retro-fit" guides that I did not write as those items came factory fitted eg;- Euro light switch, LED reading lights, LED licence plate lights, LED visor vanity lights, Bi-Xenon's with LED DRL's, Front fog lights, Reversing camera, Dynaudio, etc., etc.

However this still left plenty of what I consider to be "essential" items not factory fitted!! Many of these items are factory fitted if you are in France or Germany, & yet my car came out of the same German factory as theirs!!

This proves that your country's importer are the ones who state the cars specification & many items they do not bother offering to buyers in the price lists etc... (not enough demand, marketing etc).
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Re: All of golfdave's "How to retro-fit" guides.
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Excellent guides, thank you.
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