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bosun - mk1 rally car
« on: 19 March 2005, 10:28 »
Here we go with what i`m hoping will never be finished and will just get better.1982 MK1 1100 base car.Found on a drive with a For Sale sign in the window.Turns out to have history and 83000 on the clock.Paid ?150 and towed it home due to an electric fault.Once we started to pull it apart we found this is one the most solid shells iv`e seen for a while.The only bits that needed attention, rear wheel arches where full of filler,dent in lower front panel,both wing tops rotton,and a small hole in the floor.Still has origanal filler neck panel and isn`t rotton.

Brake linkage has gone and a "Made it myself" bias pedal box.

6 Pointed Saftey Devices cage with extra bars fitted.

Hopefully engine is on its way,plan is a 2.0 16v,Engine mount has been moved,which will be very much played with and running on injection until the money pot grows again.I will let you know future plans as they happen as we still haven`t decided on these ourselves.
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Re: bosun - mk1 rally car
« Reply #1 on: 04 April 2005, 21:34 »
Finally got to do a bit this weekend.
Shocks turned up thanks to


Can`t wait to try these.
Interior and engine bay is now finished and painted.



So far so good.Hopefully on another attack the weekend so should have some more progress next week.
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Re: bosun - mk1 rally car
« Reply #2 on: 21 May 2005, 18:21 »
Been abit busy lately so sorry for any delay.
Got a pair of Cobra Imola 2 seats,of Ebay,complete with the OMP brackets.


Dash has now been refitted,and we are just working out the lay out.


Brought another bargain of Ebay,Sparco plummed in electric fire extinguisher.


It`s now ready for painting,and the wannabe pilot(my mates son) is steering out the garage so it can be loaded on the truck.


I will post the photos as soon as it is back from painting.
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Re: bosun - mk1 rally car
« Reply #3 on: 21 May 2005, 20:13 »
Got it back today from my mates paint shop(D.J. GREEN,Birmingham,0121 433 5313,got to give him a mention).It`s now ready to start building,at last.





Got some sponsers now,Mintex,Morris`s Oil,Phillips Lighting and Minehead Motor Factors.
Should have some more photos soon once everything starts getting built up. :sad:
Got alot of cleaning,stripping and re-painting to do.So once the boring bits over it should start getting interesting. :smiley:
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Re: bosun - mk1 rally car
« Reply #4 on: 28 May 2005, 23:16 »
Right, just thought i would write abit about whats happening and whats been brought so far.
New Parts. :smiley:
Both Side Front control arms(I`ve also uprated them)
B/S/F Ball joints.
B/S/F Wheel bearings.
B/S/F Hubs.
B/S/F Top strut mounts.
Both track rod ends.
Both steering rack gators.
B/S/F Brake calipers.
Mintex Cmax Disc's and pads alround(rear disc conversion).
Both rear calipers.
B/S/R Wheel bearings.
Scirrocco 16v handbrake cables.
Goodridge braided brake pipes.
Polyurethane bushes everywhere.
Fuel filler neck(Covered in stone chip to stop the rot).
Fuel cap.
Fuel tank.
Front and back bumpers.
And a few side strips replaced.
And there will be a load of parts that i have forgot and a load to still get.
Some of the work done so far.
Brake pipes replaced and getting routed through the car with the edition of a hydraulic handbrake.Back axle has been removed,cleaned and hammerited.Underneath has been cleaned up and under sealed.The gear change has been stripped,cleaned,painted and re-bushed.
Heres some photos of so far.




Did you notice the garage has been cleaned out and painted as well,bonus.                                            
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