Author Topic: Mk7 Golf GTD Engine Light Please Help  (Read 5318 times)

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Mk7 Golf GTD Engine Light Please Help
« on: 05 June 2017, 19:35 »
Hi All,

Hoping someone can help...

Apologies if this has been posted before, tried a search here and google but didn't return much...

Car is a mk7 (63 plate) golf gtd.

So last week, an amber engine light pops up on dash within about 2miles from setting off. No unusual engine sounds, or anything like that. I did notice the car felt slightly unresponsive at higher revs assuming that it went in to limp mode?

Got to where I was going, and called breakdown services. Guy came and plugged two machines in, not too sure which ones they were and both times he struggled to read any faults, however, one came up with the code

P190E - manufacturer specific.

Fortunately? He was a VAG enthusiast and plugged in to VCDS and came up with the following info:

1 fault found
18825 - coolant pump for intercooler
P190E 00 [175] - supply voltage
MIL On - confirmed - tested since memory clear
Freeze frame
Fault status 00000001
Fault priority 2
Fault frequency 1...

The guy cleared the code, went on a test drive and all was fine.
Later that day got about 2 miles into coming home and the engine light pops on again 😩

This time went to town on google trying to see what the fault code meant, ended up translating a polish skoda forum post to no avail.  I then decided to book it in with a VAG specialist.

Went to the specialist today, plugged it in to his snap on reader and again struggled to bring up any codes, finally managed to get the p190E.  The guys then plugged in the same machine VW would use (so I was told, big thing) and came up with the following:

01 - motoring engine control
1 fault / notes detected

----- P000000
Error symptom EGRCIgMonHeatFlowNeg

Looking at the pic I took of the screen it says: (top right hand corner)

5k - Golf - 2009 >
2013 (D)
CFFA 2.0l TDI-CR / 100kW

The code was reset and all was okay again....until about 4miles later the engine light comes on again.

I have booked in for further diagnostics at the specialist but would like to know if anyone has come across this issue before? I want to get an indication of costs as the guy mentioned a possible egr valve? Which said I was looking at £650! 😩

The only other thing I found online, was something to do with corroded wiring or something as simple as checking the fuse (I haven't done either yet as not too sure where to start).

Other than the light on, the car drives fine.

Sorry for the long first post, if anyone could shed any light it would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Mk7 Golf GTD Engine Light Please Help
« Reply #1 on: 05 June 2017, 20:02 »
Why not go go a VW garage for a diagnosis? You wouldn't have to get the work done there unless you wanted to. If two specialists are struggling then I don't see how someone on the internet is going to be able to solve it for you. Hope it all gets resolved soon :smiley:
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Re: Mk7 Golf GTD Engine Light Please Help
« Reply #2 on: 05 June 2017, 20:21 »
Thanks Watts for your reply,

Unfortunately, I don't have any faith in my local dealership and as tends to be the general consensus, when out of warranty, a specialist is (generally) a better and cheaper option. VW also charge double just for diagnostics which so I am lead to believe, the Indy I went to had the same equipment.  From past experience when all is not 100% clear, the main dealers generally cover themselves and go for the bigger ticket items first, (synical I know 😬) and I'm not prepared to spend money on a whim and have it in and out of a main dealer multiple times so they can fault find.

Just thought these codes were quite unusual, and as mentioned in my previous post, it will be going back to the specialist, but I like to at least have an idea of things I should be looking for so as not to get shafted!


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Re: Mk7 Golf GTD Engine Light Please Help
« Reply #4 on: 27 June 2017, 15:11 »
How did you get on and is it fixed properly and what was the problem ?

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Re: Mk7 Golf GTD Engine Light Please Help
« Reply #5 on: 29 September 2017, 20:12 »
Could not find P0190E, but found these on Ross Techs site:-

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Re: Mk7 Golf GTD Engine Light Please Help
« Reply #6 on: 08 June 2018, 13:12 »
Hi, so what remedial work, if any, did you have done to rectify the problem as I've got exactly the same error reading etc, thanks

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Re: Mk7 Golf GTD Engine Light Please Help
« Reply #7 on: 26 October 2018, 01:29 »
I’ve just had the same problem, if you’ve had a recent oil change, mine was 2k ago, the mechanic may have damaged the wire going to the coolant pump.