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Re: Meet Daisy…
« Reply #130 on: 10 April 2024, 10:01 »
Looks absolutely beautiful - I must admit, I saw a Manual MK8 GTi in my local VW while helping my cousin buy a new car the other week, I was very tempted but I love my Edition 35 too much atm.
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Re: Meet Daisy…
« Reply #131 on: 10 April 2024, 15:49 »
Quite right to keep the ED35 Nino, it’s from a simpler time but still has most of the mod cons and anything missing from spec can generally be retrofitted. Easy to maintain and easy to lightly upgrade parts when they wear out without detracting from its originality.
The depreciation on mk8’s is vicious at the moment and they’ve gotten too expensive.
There’s plenty of time to upgrade in the future should you wish, but for now you’ve still got a pretty special car to enjoy. :afro:

@Hertsman, heed your wife’s words or you’ll end up actually living in the car 😁
Besides cars are far less trouble than pretty faces (elderly Alfas aside and to be honest I never really understood the Alfa love of car enthusiasts, they do nothing for me) and less expensive in the long run! 
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