Author Topic: Mark 2 Radiator Grille for sale  (Read 1990 times)

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Mark 2 Radiator Grille for sale
« on: 03 February 2022, 11:18 »
a few years ago, our son changed the grille on his mark 2 GTi for one with 2 rather than 4 headlights - can't imagine why! Then, after several other cars, he emigrated to California. We are now packing to move house and found the old grille tucked beside his wordrobe. Elder son sugested chucking it in the bin but being a classic car enthustiast myself, I can't bring myself to do that. Is there anyone out there who could use it? I have tried to advertise it on Gumtree without susccess. Haven't a clue what it is worth so shall we start at £75?  It's in good condition with the two redundant Cibie hadlights still in it. If you reply, please be patient - at 79, I am not in the habit of checking my phone every 5 minutes like both our sons and grandchildren do!