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Snapped locking wheel nut!!

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DAVE 2227:
Did the exact same thing to my VR6 with those type of lockers on.What I did was got a screwdriver and hammered it into the side to remove outer spinning sleeve(thats the easy part) then find a socket(multi splined type preferably)then don`t be frightened to use the big hammer and get it forced onto remaining part.
Trial and error to get right size that fits but they do come off eventually.
The reason they fail like that is over time and not really putting enough pressure inward when slackening/tightening causes the outer part of holes to elongate and this has knock on effect to the key part.Plus they are cr@p.

Bam Bam:
You can buy a locking wheel bolt removal tool from anyone that stocks the Draper range of tooling or they would order one for you if not in stock.

Last year I happened to lose the removal key for my 18" Azev's on my Fiat Coupe, :laugh:  I was panic stricken until I got hold of this to remove the wheels, You actually get 2 sockets in the pack as most locking bolts only come in 2 sizes.

The socket is tapered inside and cuts a lefthand thread which gets tighter due to the taper as you screw it on, it took me approx.45 mins. to remove all 4 wheels bolts. Panic over and blood pressure returned to normal.  :wink:

Cost is £12.50


them locking wheel nut are crap they always snap i work in kwik-fit and it happens to that type the pins snap in the key.
what you need to do is get a slightly smaller socket and and extension bar and smash it over the bolt and it will def come if it shouldnt be that tight any way coz you shouldnt do them up that tight.

Well it is finally off!! i tried various sockets and hammering them onto the bolt but didnt get far that way, i just ended up mashing the nut. Went back to VW and tried again with all the master keys but just kept slipping out of holes. Only found one tyre place locally that would give it a go and after 40 mins he gave up as he snapped too many sockets!! In the end went to see a handy mate and first tried a small thread removal type tool but that was not strong enough to get the bolt out. In the end drilled the bolt with a big drill bit as much as we could as the outside of the bolt is hardened and there is no going through that and put a bigger thread removal tool in and bingo out it popped!!! This was after 1.5 hours, but luckily only slight marks on the alloys and a new set of Audi locking nuts are on there now (these have a splined lock nut key as opposed to vw spec three pin type). cheers for the replys and it is worth checking the condition of your wheel nut keys!! :rolleyes:

An old thread, but still.........I'm in the same boat.  The idiot who had the car before me must have welded the bloody things on because they just wont budge, two of them that is (Mk3 GTI) the 3-pin type.  The pins in the removal tool snapped clean off on trying to remove the nut.  I've tried wacking a smaller socket over it, but it just keeps spinning (even after removing the collar).  Where is the cheapest place to get a new key from?



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