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Re: LED Grill help.
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I could not find eco assist mentioned in the manual, or if it does it prob don’t say that it breaks for you almost the whole drive. I was thankful you lot helped out otherwise i was sure it was a feature that the new mk8 just has you can’t turn off.  I did not know it was eco assist doing it as seemed more like a safety feature.
Thank god it stays turned off and is not like the super annoying lane assist you have to tap indicator, press off then close.  It’s quick and easy but why make this like that. Is it law or something now?

It’s to become law for speed limiters to be fitted - it’ll be mandatory for all new models of car from May 2022 and new sales of existing car models from 2024. Some manufacturers (e.g. VW) are fitting speed limiters in advance of dates being imposed under the legislation, so that drivers become accustomed to them in advance of the legislation coming into force.

The links below have already been pasted into other discussion threads by other forum members, but reposted here for your information;

Edit; Oops - should have said some manufacturers may fit speed limiters in advance of dates being imposed under the legislation, rather than they are fitting them now. :embarrassed:

I really hate them doing this. Driving is just going to be less and less fun and more self driving until they prob will only end up been self driving cars been legal. (Not soon but prob in my lifetime).  Cars forcing you to do 20 and not 21 Urgh.  It will get more and more strict until there is no off, no press to deactivate and will just all be doing the limit no matter what.  How the hell can you pass bikes or over-take if your car cuts out your speed mid take over. 

I’m just glad I got my new golf this year,  ordered it end of October 2020 and only got it few wk ago. Won’t need new car for least 2 yr maybe 3 or 4. So this prob the last car I’ll enjoy.
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