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« on: 26 May 2022, 17:47 »
I'm going to buy a Mk8 2020 ish GTI, are there any 'desirable' extras I should look out for??


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« Reply #1 on: 28 May 2022, 08:00 »
I think it depends what you like, I prefer heated seats, and the sound system (Harmon Kardon) and reversing camera.

If you get 19’s make sure you get DCC suspension to make it more compliant.

Akro exhaust is great but really expensive option so if it’s included that is good.
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« Reply #2 on: 28 May 2022, 21:53 »
From a personal point of view I’d say any extras would be “nice to have” but none are essential enough to narrow your search down to a specific spec unless you find them high on your personal priority list.

The really good stuff is standard, particularly the IQ lights which are fantastic, and the heated steering wheel which I’ve fallen in love with.

A rear view camera would be quite useful but not essential. I’ve had a succession of cars both with and without and it’s not something I miss. However it is one of few options that could likely be retrofitted. The parking sensors on their own do a pretty good job though.

With the scarcity of GTI’s in general coupled with the high prices they currently fetch then compromises will probably have to be made as regards to spec, colour, gearbox choice etc.

Even 18 month to two year old cars can have had paint and bodywork damaged by now so personally I’d try and find one with 100% original paintwork (that also hasn’t seen commercial car washes), is reasonably priced and being sold by someone that doesn’t make your skin crawl (even some main dealers can fall into that category). At that point I’d take any optional extras as a bonus.
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