Author Topic: New London based Mk 8 GTI Owner - collect the car on Saturday!  (Read 181 times)

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Hi all

Just a quick introduction to say hello!

I pick up my new Mk 8 GTI from the dealership on Saturday. I'm coming from a Mark 7.5 DSG R-Line and after test driving the GTI I knew instantly it was a step up that I wanted to make - it's hard to explain but the GTI just felt perfect but then I guess you all already knew that! I did actually have a Mk 8 R-Line on order which I placed back in March however I ended up cancelling that order as there was no telling when that car would be delivered to me. Initially I was told 18-20 weeks however the unconfirmed build week on that recently slipped by 10 weeks so I was then looking at around November (8 months lead time) and it wouldn't have surprised me if the wait was going to be even longer. I wasn't prepared to wait that long so started looking at other options.

What worked massively in my favour was that the used car market has recently taken a huge upturn (for sellers) and I was offered over £3k more for my Mk7.5 R-Line than I was quoted back in March and this helped to bridge the gap somewhat.

I think I must have looked at every new and used GTI in the UK and then found one fairly close to home, brand new with a few bells and whistles for a good price and after the test drive in the dealership demo ended up buying it.

It's in Atlantic Blue (same colour as my now sold R-Line) with pano sunroof, Adelaide's, DCC, Harmon Karmon, rear camera and Winter pack inc rear heated seats. I was really lucky to find one so close to home with a decent level of kit on it. I was delighted also to discover also that the car comes with the D Hardware and will be updated to software version 1803 when collected so fingers crossed won't have too many issues to contend with not to mention being able to have maps in the cluster and wireless AA which were two big box ticks. The build year according to the VIN is M so 2021 and from what I'm reading on the forum 2021 cars seem to less problematical?

Anyway will post some more pics after I've had a paint protection detail applied and have a few other questions which I'll post in the Mk 8 forum when time permits. Oh and the forum looks like an excellent place to share knowledge and get help. Thanks for allowing me to sign up!

Here's a few photos of the car I'm getting in the dealership showroom.......

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Looks ace. My favourite colour. I got a great deal on one already built so didn't have have a choice but that would have been the colour I would have chosen. Enjoy.

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Nice one Tommy!

Looks great!

You should be reasonably OK with that hardware too. Reasonably.... the mk8 isn't quite sorted yet though.
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