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OBD readers
« on: 22 July 2022, 20:40 »
Looking into getting an obd reader and was wondering what peoples experience has been

Carly looks good but seems a bit expensive plus yearly subs.
Carista same but a bit cheaper to buy buy still yearly subs
Top don as recommended by YouTuber chops garage seems good but a lot more money but no subs, seems you can’t change stuff on car like running lights and beeps on arming etc

Any opinions or alternate suggestions

2010 Mk6 3Dr, Blue graphite, 18” Monzas, rns310 Dab with Dynaudio, standard apart from Stainless exhaust. Called Miley cos it’s done a lot of miles!!

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Re: OBD readers
« Reply #1 on: 28 July 2022, 06:48 »
I got my Carista OBD reader yesterday, there was a deal on Amazon and it came down to £15. I’ve also got 1 month free access, then £49 a year thereafter.

Seems good so far, plenty of scope for changing things if you want to.

Word of warning though, I made a rookie mistake… after about 45 minutes of messing about with it, I drained my battery  :embarrassed:

Turns out the battery wasn’t holding charge and was 11 years old, new battery now fitted and all is well in the world again.