Author Topic: So then, what car are you buying next?  (Read 294516 times)

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Re: So then, what car are you buying next?
« Reply #2450 on: 22 October 2015, 17:45 »
I LOVE the R and hands down was going to be my next car but persoanlly I feel they have over sold them.

In Leeds I see like a Mk 6 GTI every month if that, I feel exclusive but the R I see 2 - 3 a day even on long drives back to Newcastle I'll see 3-4

Everyone has got one, juts takes that feeling away for me and it's putting me off. I put this down to the cheap lease deals that are about...

Not sure what everyones else's thoughts are on this???

The only good news is the second hand market is going to be flooded so residuals will be crap (my opinion), good for the second hand buyer though...

The cheap lease deals were a limited run and with the long waiting lists there were a lot of cancelled orders.
In the mk5 GTI heyday I think about 20% of all Golfs were GTI's - were their residuals ever crap?
Are GTD values crap? There are a lot more of those on the roads than either GTI's or R's.
R's won't command a huge premium and will have a bit of an image problem but they'll be very much in demand as they win just about every magazine test against all sorts of things.
If the values crash then all the private owners will just hang on to them longer meaning supply and demand will steady out the prices.
Mind you, I don't have a crystal ball and I am typing with my fingers crossed!  :laugh:
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