Author Topic: HOW TO :Rear Parking Sensor Install  (Read 36317 times)

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Re: HOW TO :Rear Parking Sensor Install
« Reply #10 on: 14 December 2007, 18:11 »
Hi DaveN

Great write up thanks.

One question is that as you have put the sensors in the lower part of the bumper instead of the higher part as VW do, has it had any adverse effect being lower down ie picking up the road etc.
It's a lot easier to fix than the upper part and also did you use spacers to adjust the angle?

Many thanks


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Re: HOW TO :Rear Parking Sensor Install
« Reply #11 on: 14 December 2007, 22:28 »
Mapline, I have not noticed and major affect of them being lower. When reversing toward a kerb I think the lower sensors see the kerb well. The sensors need a reflection to detect an object so gravel can some times give a beep. If reversing from level up a steep hill I might get a beep but I imagine the VW version would give the same. The kit I used specified a minimum height for the sensors from the road and my locatyion is above that so no issues really. I didn't need any type of spacers the kit sensors are numbered for particular locations L1,M1,M2,R1 and are shaped so that when pushed in to the bumper they angle correctly.

If you have any questions drop me a line.

Dave N
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Re: HOW TO :Rear Parking Sensor Install
« Reply #12 on: 16 March 2008, 21:24 »
Hi Dave,

Absolutely fantastic set of instructions you have published. I bought a Meta Targa SR2 (1/2 price) sensor kit from Halfords for my wifes MkV, as a precaution before she hits something. Her previous car had them fitted. I tried fitting it as per manufacturers guide. I drew a blank on the electrics. I read your thread last night, and this morning armed with your guide, it was fully operational and car put back together within the hour.

Thanks Rich