Author Topic: Caster / Camber wows on my GTi CS  (Read 311 times)

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Caster / Camber wows on my GTi CS
« on: 24 October 2021, 10:09 »
I know my CS has had some work done on the front through some sort of impact. My Carly device informs the airbags have not deployed, so must have been very low. I discussed before my ACC on here being damaged.

I took it in yesterday to get the steering geometry checked and below is the finished result. The technician informs very clean for a 14k car, but there are two marks on the subframe, could be from a speed bump & the NSF DCC dampener has been replaced with a 2nd hand ‘higher’ mileage unit, as it has rust from use and the rest of the car is clean being low miles.

Technician informs that the subframe will put the caster/camber out and it has no adjustment. So to rectify this being out(in the red) i will need a new subframe.

Technician also said that, in his opinion, only slightly out and not worth the effort as he’s seen far worst?

I can’t, as i know its out so looking for solutions.

Is it worth going over to the Audi subframe? Can i reuse my bolts( subframe to chassis)or are the bolts unique being that the subframe is alloy.  Any thoughts or advice if already changed over?

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Re: Caster / Camber wows on my GTi CS
« Reply #1 on: 24 October 2021, 10:49 »
I can only tell you what VW told me when having my clutch replaced, and that is due to the subframe being lowered to enable the gearbox to be removed, you have to perform a wheel alignment.

That implies to me that there is a certain amount of "adjustment" in the subframe position and moving it can impact suspension geometry.

All the subframe bolts are one use only being torque to yield, so new ones required.
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