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Central Locking Problem
« on: 14 September 2021, 07:16 »
Hello everyone. I am a new member , thanks for letting me join your forum

I purchased a 04 plate GT TDI golf about 2 weeks ago.

The first week or so was all good. but about a week ago I noticed a problem with the central locking and id appreciate any help you can suggest on this issue

At first id unlock the car on the fob and I noticed the drivers door would not unlock. I instead held down the button so the windows opened and released the door from the inside handle.

Over the next few days I monitored this and noticed it was intermittent , sometimes it would be fine and other times not.

I decided to check all doors and see if there were any other problems, there were. the passenger front door sometimes locks but most of the time does not (ive left it the last 2 nights unlocked on just that door as I can't make it lock) the passenger rear door is almost always locked and won't unlock no matter what I do.. these are all intermittent though and at times they both work as they should

2 things ive done to the car that maybe relevant.

1. I greased the 4 door locks , as they are moving parts I decided that a small amount of grease would assist in their operation, I now read there are micro sensors and im wandering if I have done something to compromise them with the grease

2. I swapped the stereo , I put in a RC330 which I used to have it my 07 Passat, I know the older cars have a problem with battery drain on these head units so it has a can bus adaptor to prevent this. could the can bus adaptor be messing with the central locking at all ?

as things are today (I cleaned out as much grease as I could get too) the drivers door seems much better than it was, but the 2 on passenger side seem very temperamental

I dont have VCDS so can't scan with that ?

Any help at all would be appreciated