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Title: No access to canbus gateway above clutch??????
Post by: Jimothy82 on 29 October 2021, 16:13
Hi all, I'm on my second mk5 TDI 4motion and love them, finally got one with lower miles!!!

In my first I installed a newer radio (cant remember which one) and suffered battery drain. I read some guides, got a newer gateway, fitted and coded it, simple! It was a pain to get access up in the footwell but I managed even with my big hands and sausage fingers.

So I've just done the same thing, I've upgraded the radio to RCD330, suffered battery drain, bought a newer gateway.

However this is where it all goes wrong, after removing the trim with the footwell light and obd scanner port I cant even get a finger up near the existing gateway. Its up above the clutch pedal, I can see it and the orange/red clip. I can just about touch it with my index finger and that it, if by some fluke I could unclip it I could never re attach it there is simply no room. This tells me that it must be in a different location in this car, Its still under the footwell but simply impossible to get to (for me anyway).

I've had to disconnect the radio and now I'm stuck, is it a job for a proper garage or am i missing something?

Thanks in advance

Title: Re: No access to canbus gateway above clutch??????
Post by: itavaltalainen on 04 November 2021, 00:35
Which gateway is fitted at the moment?
Temic units can be updated via OBD in a matter of just a few minutes. You will need to find someone with VCP for this though, or ODIS.