Author Topic: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)  (Read 82076 times)

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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #10 on: 04 June 2006, 18:07 »
Royal Blue Metallic.
Like this......
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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #11 on: 05 June 2006, 14:47 »


This is Candy White

Looks like this

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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #12 on: 06 June 2006, 10:10 »

LC9Z... "black magic" aka metallic black pearl effekt ;)
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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #13 on: 09 June 2006, 14:26 »
Jade LN6V :smug:

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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #14 on: 10 June 2006, 14:23 »
L041 - Black
L90E - Alpine White
L94E - Oak Green
L97A - Diamond silver
LA3A - Mars Red
LA3G - Classic Red
LA3W - Red Spice
LA5E - Maritime Blue
LA5T - Medium Blue
LA5U - Royal Blue
LA5W - Blue Lagoon
LA5Y - Helios blue metalic
LA6U - Capri Green
LA6V - Lhasa Green metalic
LA6W - Fresco Green
LA6Z - Calypso
LA7S - Stonehenge Gray
LA7U - Pearl grey
LA7W - Reflex Silver
LA9B - Cool White
LA9V - Brilliant Black
LB1B - Sunflower Yellow
LB1D - Mellow Yellow
LB1M - Harvest Moon Beige
LB2A - Sundown Orange
LB3Y - Colorado Red Pearl
LB4V - Samoa
LB5B - Aquarius Blue
LB5N - Indigo Blue Pearl
LB5Q - Speed Blue
LB5R - Deep Blue Pearl
LB5S - Blue Silver
LB5T - Steel Blue
LB5W - Pacific Blue
LB5X - Blue Spirit
LB6U - Mint
LB6W - Pine Green
LB6X - Alaska Green
LB6Z - Montana green
LB7Z - Satin Silver
LB9A - Candy White
LC35 - Titian Red Pearl
LC3L - Hot Chilli Red
LC3T - Indian Red
LC3X - Matchstick Red Pearl
LC3Z - Terracotta
LC4P - Purple Violet Pear/Mulberry
LC4T - Twilight Violet
LC5F - Blue Graphite
LC5L - Mystic Blue
LC5P - Dusty mauve
LC5R - Marlin Blue
LC5S - Appassionato Blue
LC5U - Aqua Blue Perlescent
LC5X - Ink Blue
LC6M - Bright Green Pearl
LC6P - Dragon Green/Emerald Green
LC6V - Green
LC6W - Rave Green Pearl
LC6X - Baltic Green Pearl
LC7V - Blue Anthracite
LC7W - Papillion Silver Helios.
LC9Y - Luxury Black Helios.
LC9Z - Black Magic Pearl
LD1B - Yellow
LD1D - Double Yellow
LD1W - Wheat Beige
LD2B - Snap Orange
LD5Q - Shadow Blue
LD6S - Northern Green
LD6T - Electronics Green
LD6W - Venetian Green
LD6X - Reed Green
LD7U - Offroad Gray
LD7V - Silver Gray
LD7W - Platinum Gray
LD7X - Platinum Gray
LG3L - Red
LG5A - Vapour blue
LG5T - Dark Blue Pearl
LG5V - Galactic Blue Pearl
LG7V - Desert Wind
LG9R - Silver Arrow
LK5S - Riviera Blue
LK7Y - Storm Grey
LN5Y - Windsor Blue
LP3G - Flash Red
LR1V - Bolero Beige
LR1W - Birken Pearl
LR5U - Antibes Blue
LR5V - Fjord Blue
LR5W - Luna Blue
LR6X - Marais Green
LR6Y - Waterworld Pearl
LR7R - Cairo Gray
LR7T - Coucou Gray
LR7Y - Silver Atmosphere
LR8V - Nocturne Aubergine
LR9A - Campanella White
LW5Y - Bright Blue Pearl
LW5Z - Jazz Blue
LY3D - Tornado Red
R902 - Arctic White

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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #15 on: 10 June 2006, 17:02 »
L52M - Black/Blue

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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #16 on: 17 June 2006, 11:49 »
From a rather useful chap on another forum.

L007 grundiert
L02A mandarin perlmutteffect
L041 schwarz
L091 chrom Scheibenrad
L0A9 weiss perlmutteffect
L0B3 purpurrot perlmutteffect
L0B9 magnolia perlmutteffect
L10A ralleygelb
L11A riadgelb
L11C brilliantgelb
L12A panama brown
L13A dakota beige
L20A marinogelb
L2T3 rot
L2T9 weiss
L30C malaga red
L31A african red
L31B mars red
L32A brokarrod
L32K phönixrot
L51C miami blue
L52M schwarzblau
L61A cliffgrün
L61H lofotengrün
L62A bali green
L63Y manilagrün
L7T6 grün
L7T9 blaugrau
L90A polarweiss
L90E alpinweiss
L91Z atlasweiss
L94A insari silver metallic
L94E oakgrün metallic
L95D bronze metallic
L96M marathon metallic
L96N viperngrün metallic
L97A diamond silver metallic
L97B ancona metallic
L97F timorbraun metallic
L98C hellas metallic
L99F bahama blue metallic
L99Y colibri green metallic
L9T3 rot-mica metallic
LA1A mandarinoorange
LA1D lemon yellow
LA1N nevada beige
LA1U futuragelb metallic
LA1V sand metallic
LA1W stormbeige metallic
LA1Z sahara metallic
LA2V techorange metallic
LA2Y tropicorange metallic
LA3A mars red
LA3B gambia red
LA3E cherry red
LA3G klassikrot
LA3V indiana red metallic
LA3W red spice metallic
LA3Y surinam red metallic
LA3Z red metallic
LA5A florida blue
LA5B marine blue
LA5C surfblue
LA5D monaco blue
LA5E maritim blue
LA5G perlblau
LA5L blue intense metallic
LA5M mercatoblau metallic
LA5U royal blue metallic
LA5V azore blue metallic
LA5W ravennablau metallic
LA5Y helios blue metallic
LA5Z startos blue metallic
LA6A santosgrün
LA6B lidogrün
LA6D selvasgrün
LA6M green tendence metallic
LA6N taftgrün metallic
LA6P cosmicgreen metallic
LA6Q sagegreen metallic
LA6U caprigrün metallic
LA6V lhasa metallic
LA6Z calypso metallic
LA7A ascot grey
LA7S stonehenge grey metallic
LA7U perlgrau metallic
LA7V polar silver metallic
LA7W reflexsilber metallic
LA7Y zinngrau metallic
LA8V quartzgrey metallic
LA8Z antilope metallic
LA9B cool weiss
LA9V brilliantschwarz perleffect
LA9Y spaceblack metallic
LB1V terra brown metallic
LB2Z goldorange metallic
LB3V titian red metallic
LB3Y coloradorot perleffect
LB5N indigoblau perleffect
LB5P samtblau
LB5R deepblue perleffect
LB5S silberblau metallic
LB5T stahlblau metallic
LB5V kometenblau metallic
LB5Y regattablau metallic
LB5Z biscaya blue metallic
LB6B irishgrün
LB6C englischgrün
LB6D dunkelgrün
LB6N elegancegrün perleffect
LB6P softgrün
LB6T türkis metallic
LB6U mint metallic
LB6V papyrus green metallic
LB6Z montanagrün metallic
LB7T gletschergrau perleffect
LB7V graphit metallic
LB7Y vesuvgrau metallic
LB7Z satinsilber metallic
LB8V umbrabaun metallic
LB9A candyweiss
LC2U sherry perleffect
LC3K canyonred perleffect
LC3L hotchilired perleffect
LC3M memoryrot perleffect
LC3N rosso perleffect
LC3T indianrot perleffect
LC3U darkburgundy perleffect
LC3X muranorot perleffect
LC3Y bordeaux red perleffect
LC3Z tera cotta metallic
LC4P purpur violet perleffect
LC4T twilight violet perleffect
LC4V dark violett perleffect
LC5G costalblue perleffect
LC5H atlanticblue perleffect
LC5K sound blue perleffect
LC5L mystic blue perleffect
LC5M moonlight blue perleffect
LC5N classic blue metallic
LC5P dusty mauve perleffect
LC5T purple light blue perleffect
LC5U aquablau perleffect
LC5Z blue perleffect
LC6M brightgreen perleffect
LC6N royalgrün perleffect
LC6P dragon green perleffect
LC6T jadegrün perleffect
LC6U classicgreen perleffect
LC6V green perleffect
LC6W green collection perleffect
LC6X oceanicgrün perleffect
LC6Z khaki perleffect
LC7V blue-anthrazit perleffect
LC9Z blackmagic perleffect
LD1A togogelb
LD1B yellow
LD2A apricot
LD3V siennarot
LD5D chagallblau
LD5P blue silver metallic
LD5T starblue metallic
LD5W malibu blue metallic
LD5X trendblue metallic
LD5Y monzablau metallic
LD6D pistazie
LD6E salsagreen
LD6P fashiongreen metallic
LD6T electronicgreen metallic
LD6V kiwibraun metallic
LD7V silbergrau metallic
LD7W urbangrey metallic
LD7Y quartz metallic
LD8V dunkelbraun metallic
LE1M mexico beige
LE8V canyon metallic
LF1H pastellgelb
LF3D romantikrot
LF5C königsblau
LF5D arktikblau
LF5G nauticblau
LF5Z skyblue
LF6C petrolgrün
LG1N lemongelb
LG5A camelblue perleffect
LG5Q catalina blau metallic
LG5T batik blau perleffect
LG5U porcelain perleffect
LG6V cybergreen perleffect
LG9D white pearl perleffect
LG9R silber arrow metallic
LH00 Hohlraumkonservierung

I made this : ->

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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #17 on: 17 June 2006, 11:50 »
LH3D marsalarot
LH5G medium blue
LH5Y rauchblau
LH5Z atlantisblau
LH6Y spicegrün perleffect
LH7Z mountaingrey
LJ1B rapsgelb
LJ5B eisblau
LK2U came metallic
LK2Y orange
LK3A paprikarot
LK4U ice grey violett
LK4V flieder metallic
LK4Y violett
LK4Z brombeer
LK5A baikalblau
LK5P satinblau perleffect
LK5S rivierablau perleffect
LK5U arktisblau metallic
LK5Y cosmos silver metallic
LK6U racinggrün metallic
LK7Y storm grey metallic
LK8Y havannabraun metallic
LL1G cayennegelb
LL1L manilabeige
LL5M indienblau
LL5V jamaikablau
LL5Y nebioblau metallic
LL5Z islandblau metallic
LL6L waldgrün metallic
LL6N javagrün
LL6T friesengrün
LL6Y türkis metallic
LL7D polargrau
LL7E flanellgrau
LL7V grau
LM7Y polarsilber
LN1G sarigelb
LN5Y windsor blue metallic
LN6V jadegrün metallic
LP2C leuchtorange
LP3G flashrot
LP5U bright blue metallic
LP6M karibicgreen
LP7V atlas grey metallic
LP9V schwarz metallic
LR5D raveblue perleffect
LR5V fjordblau perleffect
LR5Y hellblau
LR6A fantasiagrün
LR7V planetsilver metallic
LR7X moonsilver metallic
LS3T etruscorot metallic
LS6T yuccagrün metallic
LS7N arktisgrau
LS7P marengograu
LU00 Unterbodenschutz
LU1A shanghaigelb
LU3A daytonarot
LU5A bahamablau
LU9A starweiss
LV5U darktechnoblau metallic
LV5W darknebioblau metallic
LV6W darkelegancegrün metallic
LV6X darkspicegreen perleffect
LV7X darksilbergrau metallic
LW2A maliorange
LW2B orange arte perleffect
LW3A conceptrot
LW5V azul-nordico metallic
LW5Y technoblau metallic
LW5Z jazzblue perleffect
LW6Z mintgrün metallic
LX6V jaspisgrün metallic
LY1A ginster
LY1C imolagelb
LY1T melange metallic
LY1U mayagelb metallic
LY3C amulettrot
LY3D tornadorot
LY3F absolutrot
LY3H laserrot
LY3K piemontrot
LY3Y cerise
LY3Z isisrot
LY4C brilliantviolett
LY4N byzanz metallic
LY4T byzanz
LY5D azuritblau
LY5K brilliantblau
LY5L samtblau
LY5M kornblume
LY5N turmalin metallic
LY5P byzanz metallic
LY5T pelikanblau
LY6K paradiesgrün perleffect
LY6L tropicgreen
LY6M aquarellgrün
LY6P ragusa
LY6Q farmgrün metallic
LY6R lorbeergrün metallic
LY6U papyrus green metallic
LY7K mineralgrau
LY7L achatgrau
LY7M alusilber metallic
LY7P titan
LY7T kristallsilber
LY7W silbersee metallic
LY9B brilliantschwarz
LY9E classicweiss
LY9G casablanca
LY9V montegoschwarz metallic
LZ1T cashmeregrau perleffect
LZ3L hibiscusrot perleffect
LZ3M misanorot perleffect
LZ3N rubinrot perleffect
LZ3S jaipurrot perleffect
LZ3W merlin perleffect
LZ4V amethystgrau perleffect
LZ4W beere perleffect
LZ4Y classis perleffect
LZ5K santorinblau perleffect
LZ5L mingblau
LZ5M rs-blau / nogaroblau perleffect
LZ5S nemoblau perleffect
LZ5T blau perleffect
LZ5U indigo perleffect
LZ5W denimblau perleffect
LZ6H racinggrün perleffect
LZ6K orinocogrün perleffect
LZ6L kaktusgrün perleffect
LZ6M amazonasgrün perleffect
LZ6N cricketgreen perleffect
LZ6P gomera perleffect
LZ6U smaragd perleffect
LZ6W steppengras perleffect
LZ6X goodwoodgrün metallic
LZ7M opal perleffect
LZ7W pfeilgrau perleffect
LZ8M salsa perleffect
LZ8N andorrarot perleffect
LZ8P smababraun perleffect
LZ9U vulkanschwarz perleffect
LZ9V rabenschwarz perleffect
LZ9W ebonyschwarz perleffect

I know it's in german, but there are online translators.

I made this : ->


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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #18 on: 17 June 2006, 11:52 »
so what the hell colour is LH00 Hohlraumkonservierung

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Re: Paint: Codes and Colour names (add yours)
« Reply #19 on: 17 June 2006, 13:10 »
Monza Blue     LE5L
Metalliker too :)

Probably got lost in the "Great Crash of 08