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Re: This is not a b!tch but…..
« Reply #50 on: 17 October 2021, 09:19 »
I really dislike ID.4’s. Everyone in the world seems to want a car the size of a battle tank now. I just don’t get it. Smaller and lighter is far more efficient.

Now Ed30’s are more like it. A good little investment and such nice cars to drive  :smiley:

They're getting ready for the apocalypse it seems it'll be just Land Cruisers, Hilux's & ID4s in the new world!

A friend is actually trying to sell his A5 he's had all off 6 odd months, because he realises it's far too big for everyday, he went from a mk7 golf and now wants another mk7 golf further alluding to how good the mk7/7.5 is.
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