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Forum Password.
« on: 04 June 2019, 07:05 »
IT have issued me with a new desktop in my office. I have configured everything with the exception of this forum, it will not recognise my password. Currently typing this on my home PC which I have set to always logged in. I don't want to lose everything by logging out here at home and the same thing happening. I could try to reset it but current password required to complete the action. Can a moderator PM me before I balls up maybe confirm my password which I believe is *****golf


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Re: Forum Password.
« Reply #1 on: 04 June 2019, 08:40 »
Don’t you just hit “forgot password” and it sends you a email with a way to reset or a temporary password?

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Re: Forum Password.
« Reply #2 on: 04 June 2019, 08:47 »
If you are using Chrome on your home pc then go in and get the password that's saved for the site from settings.
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Re: Forum Password.
« Reply #3 on: 04 June 2019, 12:23 »
Any issues Mr Gulf, send me an email
Password reset 'should' work.
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