Author Topic: Car won't start, fuel pump not priming or running  (Read 6829 times)

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Hi all, I really, really hope someone may be able to help me. I have an '89 Cabrio GTI, owned around 3 months. Had no trouble at all until a few weeks back, went to start her up the day of Bristol Volksfest and she wouldn't start. After trying to bump and then jump I realised she wasn't making the same whirring (i assume priming) noise from the drivers' side rear. This was quite loud for the three months i've been running her.

After many hours trawling the topics on this site and many others, I've looked at and tried a few things but can't put my finger on what's up. If anyone can help i'll be eternally grateful.

First of all I tried replacing the relay with the sideways turned "load reduction" relay found below it. No luck. I then tried a known working fuel pump relay from a friend's '82 cabrio, still no joy.

Checked all fuses, all in tact.

Then removed the in tank smaller fuel pump (forgive me i forget the actual name), connected directly to the battery and it worked fine. I then tested the voltage to the connector under the access panel with a multimeter, it read 10.something volts with the ignition on. So, I know the in tank pump has power and i know it runs. I have also tested the resistance on the fuel gauge tank float thing and it suggests that is also working ok.

I then jacked her up to take a look at the main fuel pump by the drivers side rear wheel. - I have read everything so far on various websites, I know nothing at all about cars I must admit! i turned on the ignition and tested the voltage at the pump terminals but there appear to be dead. I have not removed the pump yet as I assumed if no power is getting to it, it will be faulty somewhere else.

I've tried and tried to find an answer without asking myself but it seems most cabrio queries are for older models than mine or for those that aren't fuel injected.

Please, if anyone can shed any light or explain to me what to test next and how, i will love you nearly as much as I love Felicity, my beautiful MK1.

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Re: Car won't start, fuel pump not priming or running
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the 10v you have at the plug is only for the fuel gauge. you should have 12v at the other wire in the plug.