Author Topic: Mk7 Roll Call  (Read 149446 times)

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #170 on: 12 December 2015, 22:00 »
Ordered my wife a GTI on 5th December. Dealer says he already has a car in the system he can change the spec on with a build date of February.
Otherwise he reckons a fresh order would be after a March delivery meaning no £1k loyalty bonus.

GTI 5dr Manual
Deep Black Pearl although have a couple of weeks to debate Carbon with Mrs p3asa :whistle: :grin:
Car Net App
Parking Pack
90% Rear Tint Windows.
HIS: R 5dr DSG Lapiz: Tech Pack: Keyless: 90% Tints: Pretorias: Rear View Camera
HERS:  GTI 5dr Manual DBP: Parking Pack: Car-Net App: 90% Privacy Glass. Ordered 05-12-15. Delivered 03-03-16
DONATED TO SON:  GTD 5dr Manual White: Nav Pro: Dynaudio: Winter Pack: Sport & Sound Pack: Rear View Camera: Park Assist. Ordered 19-02-14. Delivered: 07-06-14

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #171 on: 25 December 2015, 06:27 »
Ordered 12 Dec another GTi for March. Hopefully this will take me through to the MK8 Golf in 2019, Got Satnav and Winter Pack as standard. Shame about the Keyless.

Black Pearl
90% Tint

PP, tints, Chassis Control.

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #172 on: 25 December 2015, 10:05 »
Deep Black Perl is getting popular based on the last few updates :smiley: Is it the new white...

MK7 GTI - Deep Pearl Black - Standard Spec - Ordered 10/12/2015.

MK7 GTI - White - Standard Spec - Service Pack - Collected 11/09/2013.

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #173 on: 02 January 2016, 19:53 »
Deep black is the best colour thats why  :wink:
Abarth 595 Turismo + Classic Mini + Triumph Street Triple RS
Did have 3door DBP GTI PP

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #174 on: 02 January 2016, 22:43 »
Hi All. Been lurking for a while, but finally decided to join in! After 18 months away from VW in an A4 Avant (still within group!), I ordered a new GTI at the beginning of November which is scheduled for build next week. So hopefully delivery mid-feb.

GTI 5dr Manual
Reflex Silver
Tech Pack
Parking Pack

Deliberated for ages over PP, DCC and Pan Sunroof, but decided in the end to keep it simple. After reading all the reviews online it seems that the standard suspension setup is pretty well balanced for UK roads (on standard 18s). Almost at the exciting bit where I should start getting more regular progress updates!

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #175 on: 02 January 2016, 23:01 »
Ordered 28 December for March delivery ( hopefully )
GTI 5 door PP
Manual box
Carbon Grey
High Beam Assist
Rear View Camera
Car Net App Connect
5 DR Mk 7 GTI PP
Carbon Grey, Dynaudio, Car Net App, High Beam Assist, Rear View Camera. Collected 14/03/16

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #176 on: 10 January 2016, 18:11 »
Hi All new member

Golf Gti 5dr ordered 25th October collection for 23rd January
Performance pack
Carbon Grey
2016 Mk7 Gti PP Manual 5dr Carbon Grey

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #177 on: 28 January 2016, 19:26 »
Ordered 28/01/16 due to arrive 04/04/16

Golf GTD 5 Door DSG
Carbon Grey
Tech Pack
Sport & Sound Pack
90% Tint Rear Glass
Rear View Camera
High Beam Assist
2 Year Service Pack
4th Year Warranty
Collected 09/04/16 : Golf GTD Carbon Grey Sport & Sound Pack DSG Pro Nav Dynaudio Rear Camera High Beam Assist 90% Tints

Still pining for:2009 BMW 330i M Sport Convertible

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #178 on: 29 January 2016, 10:43 »
2013 GTD
Standard base model spec including Xenon headlights

2016 GTD (Build week confirmed mid Feb)
Reflex silver
Tech pack
Parking Pack
Sun roof
Winter Pack (standard now I believe)
3 years servicing (free)
2016 Mk7 Golf GTD 180(ish) Reflex Silver with loads of stuff

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Re: Mk7 Roll Call
« Reply #179 on: 31 January 2016, 10:07 »
2015 Golf GTi
Deep black
Tech pack (dynaudio really is worth it)
Car net (which to be honest underwhelms me)