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Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport 45s ordered and delivery progress
« Last post by Brenbo on Today at 11:45 »
I was told by my dealer that my Golf R Mk8 had commenced build on Week 36.  But build is still not complete yet.  I was told bacause I had a lot of options on it, the cause of delay might be the chip shortages for specific options I have configured.  My dealer is unsure when the car will be finished and shipped?  They have also told me that the lead times for orders placed for Performance Golfs has been extended from what it was and any orders placed a few months ago are being estimated for delivery next year now.  So watch this space I guess....  But the real bummer is I now have to spend out cash on a Service as I had carefully timed to order/delivery time (several months) well before I needed a Service, but now the Service is due and there is no sign of my new car.  May have to call my dealer to see if I have to service the car on this occasion with the current situation of my order?

Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport 45s ordered and delivery progress
« Last post by Paul70 on Today at 11:24 »
Build complete and en route to Emden.  :smiley:

Hopefully be here pre Christmas!
Golf mk7 / Re: ST X Coilovers - Suspension Review
« Last post by Paul70 on Today at 11:21 »
Thanks for the update, it’s great to read reviews on modifications. Love the look of your car, you can’t beat a three door MK7 and the colour and wheel combination looks great. Did you stick with OEM top mounts or upgrade?
Cars and parts for sale / Re: Belvedere alloys
« Last post by Ryan90GTI on Today at 09:55 »
Hi Ryan
What’s the offset for the wheels…?


Hi Rob, I believe it's 49 if I remember correctly. I will double check and get back to you.
Golf mk7 / ST X Coilovers - Suspension Review
« Last post by Mickmk6 on Today at 09:52 »
Thought I would do a review to help anyone in future considering suspension options.

I fitted ST X coilovers to my 2019 GTi PP 4 weeks ago now. In terms of fitting it’s pretty straight forward if you buy new top mounts and bearings and just make a full assembly. Saves on dissembling your front OEM suspension to scavenge the mounts from there.

So I did have the usual worry regarding coilovers. Last time I had some on a car was 5 years ago and it was a rough ride. Picked these due to cost / performance. With then being KW Variant 1 internals I thought it would be a good compromise.

Firstly; the ride. Hand on heart it’s honestly barely any different to the stock shocks. Maybe marginally firmer but no harsh at all, ride over bumps, drain covers and the odd pot hole you miss and these soak it up. Very impressed. If you want to keep the golfs comfort level whilst gaining improvement in handling these for me are a great option for the price.

Handling; the car already handles very well but for me it still had a bit of body roll that I wanted to get rid of. These help keep the car much flatter through the corners. Maybe an updated RARB would also help but the car feels much more planted to the road. On rough country roads (plenty of those up here in Northumberland) they are soaking up the punishment very well. The car doesn’t feel jittery or over excited which is something I’ve found cars on lowering springs to do. Just a solid ride that helps maintain confidence through the corners.

Ride Height: mine are wound down quite far with very little thread remaining on the front to lower further, the ride height is definitely not slammed. I don’t think these coilovers are right for anyone wanting to scrape their backside along the road. For me they give a perfect range for a fast road setup / whilst improving visuals.

Hope that helps give anyone a bit of feedback on these. I struggled to find much info to make the right choice.

-Photo taken during height adjusting:

Cars and parts for sale / Re: Belvedere alloys
« Last post by Ryan90GTI on Today at 09:51 »
The wheels are off the car and ready to be collected.

Cars and parts for sale / Re: Belvedere alloys
« Last post by Verve34 on Today at 09:50 »
Hi Ryan
What’s the offset for the wheels…?

Golf mk8 / Re: 19’s on standard GTi suspension.
« Last post by Boothy1979 on Today at 09:27 »
I went from 17x7.5 +51 to 19x8.5 +47, here in Greece base gti 245 comes with 17" as standard
In low speed driving only difference i noticed is louder bangs over potholes speedbumps etc,
but above 65-70mph i am moving side to side on seat over bad road with uneven surface, the difference is very noticeable
The steering is more nervous when speeding in bad roads with cracked asphalt and mpg also dropped but that might be insignificant!

Thanks for the info. I would think going from a 17 to 19 inch wheel, you are going to notice a bigger difference than from a 18 to 19. You moving about in you seat like that doesn’t sound good! There is likely to be a change in MPG but like you said, too insignificant to matter.
Mines booked in next weekend and I'm worried that if it's been raining and the suspension is wet then the noise won't be heard, I know it's there at low speeds plus when you brake hard and turn in transferring the weight around the suspension.

The other trim noises are usually heard when it's warmer so again I preparing myself for them to say nothing can be heard.

Hopefully they'll get the car up and have a good poke around.

Golf mk7 / Re: This is not a b!tch but…..
« Last post by willni on 15 October 2021, 21:07 »
Spotted an ID4 today whilst parked and I must say it actually looked very nice from the side.

The Mk7/7.5 golf is very much like the mk5 in that it's very hard to move on, if it wasn't for the lovely interior and tech of the mk7, I think I'd have a mk5 gti as my daily.

Don't worry my Ed30 is still the garage queen and isn't going anywhere  :wink:


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