Author Topic: Mk2 Golf GTI - coil won’t earth to generate a spark  (Read 2521 times)

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Mk2 Golf GTI - coil won’t earth to generate a spark
« on: 08 December 2023, 16:31 »
Hi all

My lovely 1989 mk2 8v has developed a mystery fault which I just can’t find at all and I wonder if anyone out there can help me ?

The coil wiring is the later type that has the red / black earth wires and black power wires (2 of each); so not green wire like the earlier looms.

It seems like I have power to the coil as when I earth the king lead on the block I get a spark, but the coil doesn’t earth out to generate a spark so I’m stumped.

How can I diagnose what’s going on ? I have found a later 1992 USA wiring diagram which shows the correct coil wiring / colours to those in the car (and it’s all original and not messed with) but it has a different fuse box and relay configuration to the one in the car, so I’m struggling to see where to test next as I can’t work out which fuse or relay related to the ignition.

I’m also wondering if somehow the ECU has failed or it’s not getting power or sending out the earth to the coil or if the feed to the distributer is knackered.

The car was working fine until this suddenly occurred, so I’m baffled !! I’ve been at this on and off for two months so the end of the role is in my hands …

All the best