Author Topic: INFO Mk3 Engine Conversion FAQ (All questions and answers here)  (Read 99168 times)

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Re: INFO Mk3 Engine Conversion FAQ (All questions and answers here)
« Reply #70 on: 09 December 2012, 20:53 »
hey guys, hope someone can give me some help/advice on a conversion, i couldnt find the answers i wanted. i have a 1.4 and its got a very annoying whine from the box. i have decided to just swap the engine as i want something a bit more pokey, i have my eyes on a vr6 engine/box/loom/ecu/inlet mani/drive shafts/clutch cable and pedal but after reading the majority of this thread my mind has just been blown to pieces. can anyone point me in the right direction of anything else im gonna need or want to do before i jump in the deep end. thanks, any help would be a great help to me.

cheers :smiley:

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'd love some more info on the 8v supercharger idea - has anyone had any luck making this work?

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Re: INFO Mk3 Engine Conversion FAQ (All questions and answers here)
« Reply #72 on: 22 February 2015, 16:35 »

Looking to convert my 2.0 8v auto Cabrio, to manual, I've bought a Donor car, a 1997 2.0 16v gti manual..assuming Easy enough to do now, just swap all items needed over?

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Hello everyone  :smiley:  Just replaced a dead 2L AAC engine in my 91 T4 with MK3 2L 8V 2E from 95 GTI, all is well except flat/stuttery acceleration...any ideas where we should look to smooth out? All the bits fitted great but it feels like a fuel supply issue, it occasionally spurts on as it should then stutters/flats again. Lovely idle and alwasy starts. Not sure if the ecu needs to be the MK3 or any other bits need adjusting??  :embarrassed: actually not sure if there is an ecu or a digifant thingy...  :cry: