Author Topic: vw golf gti 2013 cabriolet - will not start sometimes  (Read 435 times)

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I got a technical issue on 2013 vw golf GTI cabriolet.
ABS showed up and rear passenger side speed sensor was changed 4 weeks ago and since then the car would not start on 4 occasions.
it is not the battery or fuel pipe.
It happens randomly. Once I had to call out AA but the car started before they arrived!
It has been at VW specialist garage for 1 week and had several test runs with laptop and overnight read code has not yielded any error or alerts.
It so happened that the mechanic did not believe me until it did not start when I went to pick up the car - he tried for 5 mins - it would not start. He plugged in lap top - no fault code. Mechanic tried starting after 5 mins and it would start perfectly!!!
Does anyone in the forum faced similar problems with golf gti? If so are there any solutions as it is wearing me down as no one is able to find what's wrong!!! thanks all in advance