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« on: 02 July 2021, 15:25 »
Hi all,

So, I’m happy to say I am a new GTI owner. Always wanted one but never been in a position to have one till now. Picked up my MK8 GTI on Tuesday. Had to drive 200 miles to Scotland but the deal and the car was worth it. The car was already built so had no choice in options or colour. Have to say, the black is really nice and when it’s been polished like I have spent most of the morning doing, it looks fantastic. I will be changing the wheels, although the standard ones aren’t as bad up close than they look in photos.

First impressions, I love it. Does everything I want it to do. It’s great for the family, we have two kids, but also if I want some fun on my own, I can do that too.

Manage to get myself as the primary user!!!!! I find it very buggy though and it’s annoying me that at times the climate control comes on before I have even put my pin in. Is this some setting I have put on without knowing? It also annoys me that I can be driving for a few mins before it’s even booted up. I’m one behind on the lawyers software even though the garage promise me they had updated it.

Quick question. I have sent my mirrors to dip on reverse but they don’t seem to move. Any ideas?

Looking forward to getting some tips and styling/performance ideas from the forum.

Cheers all.

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Re: Newbie
« Reply #1 on: 05 July 2021, 07:41 »
Hey Boothy!


I feel your pain with the problems....

My mirror doesn't dip and I've given up trying to work out why now too!
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Re: Newbie
« Reply #2 on: 07 July 2021, 14:30 »
Crazy isn’t it. Also got a few more issues. The infotainment can take ages to load up. When it does load up seems to be in settings now according to the primary user.

I have turn off ‘unlock when approach’ yet now abs again it seems to work even though it is showing off when I check the setting.

Another thing I’m not happy with is the drinks holder in the arm rest. Kids were looking forward to as I didn’t have one in my old car. Anyway, for some stupid reason they have made the holes all different sizes so only one of the kids drinks will fit in! Anyone know if I could swap it out for the old one which you could adjust the sizes on them?

Other than that I love the car.