Author Topic: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers  (Read 51244 times)

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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #20 on: 10 August 2006, 03:17 »
Further update to my last...

I went ahead and bought the kenwood KCA-ip500 adapter. I found a shop on ebay selling them for 39.99!!! brand new. This is much cheaper than normal retail price of around 99 squid so was well chuffed.

I spent a frustrating 3 hours fitting it. Technically it was easy, just a case of getting the stereo out, plugging it in the back and making a small, discrete hole in the glove box for the cable. The hassle was with taking out all the bottom dash units to make it a neat job and to be able to pass the wire to the back of the head unit  :undecided: The glove box in particular put up one hell of a fight before i eventually managed to get it out of the dash!!!  :angry:

Still, all back together now and the tunes are bangin  :cool:. I found a good place for the actual adapter box too, on top of the heater tubes directly behind the glove box. All neat and tidy and best of all, with the ipod in the glove box, there's no signs whatsoever to passing theif scum that you've upgraded ur ice...

It took a while to understand how to operate the ipod via the head unit with regards to finding the right playlist etc, but the instructions do make sense and its just a case of getting ur head around it!

All in all I'm well pleased with this method of connecting the ipod to my car stereo. Its pretty cheap, provides excellent sound quality with no interference and is totally discrete. Its safer too as you don't have to fiddle around with the ipod to change tracks, its all through your HU. But if you're gonna fit the adapter yourself, be prepared to go to war with your dash for a while....

keep it v dubya

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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #21 on: 10 September 2006, 18:22 »
Pleased to report VW now have a device which can be fitted by main dealers which connects iPod to VW radio/CD units. I had mine fitted and works a treat. Press CD button on main unit once for CD and twice for iPod. Buttons for 6 CDs then give first 5 Playlists on iPod and 6th button entire iPod list. Mix button on main unit can be used to play tracks randomly within Playlist. I have multi-function steering wheel and controls on steering wheel can be used to change volume change tracks or mute sound on iPod or switch to CD or Radio . All controls on iPod are non functioning while connected to car. ie must use controls on radio/cd unit or multifunction steering wheel. Only slight negative is it is slightly harder to find specific tracks than when using iPod on its own but i prefer to choose a playlist then put it on mix to listen to tracks randomly. Cost is around 150 Pounds fitted but not sure as I paid  less as I know guy in parts dept and got staff discount. I would certainly recommend it . iPod does not sit in specific 'cradle' but merely plugs in to connection at end of wire which can be inside glove compartment or just above ashtray as I have (in my Mark 5 Golf GTI). Would certainly recommend it to others. Sounds as good as CD to my ears


This is something I will be very interested in buying when I get my golf (MKV, 5 door gti, reflex, 18 monzas, Xenons. Countdown till 17-9-06!!!)

Do you have a part number? And a pic of the head unit while playing a track?

Also, Does it display the track name, or does it show as "track 1"

Thanks, Paul.

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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #22 on: 31 July 2007, 11:58 »
I have a mk2 Valver with sony head unit. I have an apple ipod dock set into my ashtray at a slight angle forwards,  with the aux lead from the back, two small holes.(one in the ashtray, one in the back of the centre console) for the wire.
When i'm not using the pod, the ashtray is closed and it looks unmolested. When driving the ipod sits facing me with full control easily within reach.

Hurrah, I'll put some pics up if anyone is interested.

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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #23 on: 10 November 2007, 18:21 »
Word of warning to all those using itrips, ive seen this happen twice now, when your phone goes of and it makes the funny interference sound through your radio it can fry your ipod, im not sure exactly how it works but ive seen it happen twice :shocked:

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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #24 on: 18 February 2008, 19:45 »
Hello Guys
Im new to this site. I run a mk5 and pick up a new Ed30 next week, my current car has an i pod lead in the arm rest ( VWs own)and is terrible. The new car does not come with any i pod , I've  been told that the only way I can have full control is to put a new head set in an Alpine been suggested, this then has a cable to my ipod in the glove box, this will be fully usable .
This will cost £250 for the head set Alpine plus further VW bits and labour. Oh and there's the new surround to go on the dash WHICH looks tacky in the packet. Any help would be greatfull
Thank you Guys

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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #25 on: 22 July 2009, 13:36 »
Just to give people some clue as what the options are here's my little how to. The iPod interface connects through the CD changer input on your headunit and all allow you to control the functions through your headunit. So far Alpine and Kenwood are the only 2 to make the interface, but others plan to follow later in the year.

Alpine Route...
Unit needed: KCA-420i
Approx Cost: £79.99

Kenwood Route...
Unit needed:KCA-ip500
Approx Cost: £99.99

Universal route 1:
You can always run your iPod into the AUX input on your headunit, but you still have to control the functions from the iPod. There are many ways of doing this if your headunit accepts AUX connections. Go really old skool with the tape with the wire that we all used back in the day of using a discman on the dash  :grin:

Universal route 2:
FM Modulator. This is a small box that the iPod would connect to. it broadcasts a mini radio station that you tune the headunit into. These are only about £40, but suffer from the normal interfearance the radio does. there are more expensive didgital ones that are a lot better, but cost in the region of £100.

Hope this expains a few things guys.
Hi can you help a thicko understand how to do this please. I have a mk5 57 gti with a RCD300 stereo unit. I bought a KCA-iP500 and I can not how this would connect to the back of the stereo. The 500's connection is a round 13 pin and the connection the i think it needs to go into is square... Do i need an adaptor or have i bought the wrong part.

Thanks Rich

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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #26 on: 12 September 2009, 10:04 »
hi guys i know im new to al this golf malaky but ice is a thing i love with a passion, after trying a few units to control my ipod i got fed up with the not so quick track select so i bought one of these its a brilliant piece of kit but if bought new is very expensive, i got mine from ebay for £21 and fitted it to my car, the screen can be easily flush mounted somewhere on the dash but dunno about the swivel controller but i put it behind my gearstick

hope this helps for ipod control in ur car and the version 2 is soooo much better too but hard to find, im satisfied with the outcome and best £21 ive spent on the car


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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #27 on: 16 January 2010, 23:38 »
If you are looking for a cheap and clean solution, and if you have auxillary inputs on the rear of your HU... Generic lead connects Ipod/Iphone sound to your headunit and it also charges. Additional input option included for non-apple 3.5mm headphone jack. (e.g. MP3, portable CD, Laptop, GPS etc.) Can be picked up on Ebay for about $20USD plus $10 postage. (£20 ish).

Have just bought one myself but given my complete novice status still trying to understand how to connect power supply...anyone any ideas on how to tap into the 'switched power' on a MK3??

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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #28 on: 17 February 2010, 13:00 »
I've seen Kenwood kca ip-500 in Halfords in Taunton for £5. I even asked the guy in there to check the price and it was only £5. Bargain compared to e-bay!!

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Re: How to: Run your iPod through you car speakers
« Reply #29 on: 22 April 2010, 13:23 »
hi guys

for your orginal radio you can use a CTAVGIPOD009, it goes into your cd changer port like the other kits you have mentioned it, as long as it has a delta 6/ rcd200/300/500 it will work fine,

for the guys with an older VW that want to keep the orginal radio you can use CTAVGIPOD003 this peice of kit works with the beta/mcd navi/gamma/mfd navi/delphi/grundig/blaupunkt and phillips head unit

theres also an aux in adaptors for those with out an ipod which are

ctvvgx004 (2003 vws onwards)


ctvvgx001 (1998 - 2003 vws)

hope this has helped