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USING THIS SECTION...please read.
« on: 06 November 2005, 12:49 »
Us lucky mk2 owners have the largest following on this forum, but that also means there is a whole heap of problems out there!!

the way this section works is simple:

the regular mk2 section is for when you have a problem and can't find the answer. post up a question and it normally gets a decent answer.

the child board of "maintenance and info" is a section for usefull links, guidlines, how-to's etc on common problems. hopefully this will eventually become a comprehensive guide to how to fix or improve your mk2.

If you have a problem with your mk2 please check the maintenance section first to see if your question has already been answered, this will both save you time, and also (without sounding grumpy) regular users get bored of answering questions that have been covered frequently.

also if you feel you have a usefull guide or how-to (pictures always help) then we will happily include it in the maintenance section for others to read and learn from.

hope this helps and with luck should allow the "maintenance and info" section to become a vital resource and the regular mk2 section to remain helpfull for more random questions!

thanks and enjoy :wink:
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