Author Topic: taking notes before buying 16' DSG GTI  (Read 117 times)

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taking notes before buying 16' DSG GTI
« on: 17 July 2021, 14:51 »
Hello guys,
Very happy to join this forum, but there is 1 thing missing, the car i am about to purchase, so got few questions...

So the topic says it all :D Thinking of buying 16' GTI, and I want to ask for your thoughts and suggestions about most complicated problems that i should be aware of before the purchase.
Or basically anything that would be usefull to avoid some mayor problems or risks f.e. max mileage that would indicate that the car still can run smooth another 50-60k KM, maybe some common problems especially in 2016 model, any thoughts about the "recource/mileage" of the engine with Stage 1 - 200kw without any mayor upgrades inside the engine or replacing it? :D

Will paste few listings from our local web.
So its DSG with 145k kilometers. And this one is the cheapest mk7 GTI here in Lithuania.
DSG 124k kilometers. In the middle of the price range but obviously we can find 16' for 16k, and 17' for 13,5k. Owner comments - dsg oil and filter done, stage 1 with downpipe + backbox "Ulter sport", maxton design, coilovers, led headlights.

So my main concern is about money i need to invest here, max budget is like 15k for me, i can do few thousand more no prob with insurance and some other things (got more, wont be broke after those 2-3k).
If purchasing used 16' GTI means 5k invesment in upcoming year, not for me then :D I heard GTI of this generation is quite okey with maintenance cost. Can it become like super faulty and unpredictable with 200k kilometers on odometer? :D
At what mileage belt needs to be done? Any tricky questions for the owner to check if hes telling the truth?
Is it hard to replace that screen with buttons to the one without, any adjusments or smth?

Hopefully its clear what i am asking for, want to say thank you for any response and sorry for my grammar and stupid questions...

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