Author Topic: Headaches with fuel pumps on 8v GTI  (Read 2430 times)

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Headaches with fuel pumps on 8v GTI
« on: 22 June 2020, 22:56 »
hello everyone, I started a long awaited project recently a 1984 8v GTI with K-jet and I'm having a massive headache with the fuel pumps I just simply cant get them to prime and not getting any fuel up to the metering unit on top of the airbox. I have replaced the fuel pump relay with a new unit and also have a new lift pump in the tank due to the old one falling apart, checked the relay pins on the fuse box and have voltage there and also no broken wires on any of the pump wires the 3 for the lift pump and the 2 pins on the under floor pump come back as good, also getting a spark from all spark plug wires so the hall sender and coil are doing what they should I think, I have checked the red and black wire on the coil as well and that is good and when moving the float while it is plugged in the gauge goes up and down nicely.

I have a Toad ai606 alarm fitted and I'm thinking this could be the issue but the car did run when I bought it a long time ago before I stuck the poor thing in the garage and forgot about it. Was hoping someone with more knowledge than me can give me some advice, I plan on having the alarm removed a new unit fitted from Cobra or Clifford or just having it removed and not using an alarm at all but this is not what I would prefer.

One thing I have noticed is that the drivers door wont lock on the central locking, the door locks as in the central locking clicks and the stalk goes down but I can just open it with the door handle outside so will that stop the immobiliser from letting the fuel pumps run? the LED on the dash goes out when turning the key to turn the engine over so I assumed that the immobiliser turned off.

Apologises for rambling on and the bad formatting and grammar ect. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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Re: Headaches with fuel pumps on 8v GTI
« Reply #1 on: 23 June 2020, 08:23 »
Sounds as if the Toad ai606 alarm may be causing issues, certainly from what you describe, and you need to rule out this first.

If it was me I would remove it completely and get the car running.

Then think about a new alarm system if required.