Author Topic: Dipped headlight problem  (Read 2370 times)

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Dipped headlight problem
« on: 16 April 2020, 11:32 »
Hi folks

I need some help with my 1987 car headlight wiring if anyone has some answers.

My ignition switch keeps burning out when I run my headlamps on dip. Main only works on full beam, spot lamps work on full beam (only and I have a set of PIAA 80’s on the front).

I first had this problem after I jet washed the car (I know) and noticed it as the light dropped on night on the way home. My sidelights worked, but no dipped headlights which made driving home fun.

I replaced the ignition switch as this appeared to be the problem, but on a test run it burnt out (smoke from the keys etc.) and now I’m back to square one.

Any tips on what the problem is and how I can fix it ?



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Re: Dipped headlight problem
« Reply #1 on: 29 April 2020, 10:51 »
IIRC, There is a redundant dim/dip ballast resistor behind the o/s headlight (about 6cm long x 1cm dia, green or yellow) this can get corroded and short out, getting water in it from pressure washing may have finished it off. There will be something on here if you make a search, a common problem I believe.