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Rear quarter panel removal
« on: 26 November 2011, 00:44 »

Remove the isofix plastic parts by pushing and pulling like an idiot.
Take rear seat base out by lifting the front of it first then push it to the rear and lift at the same time to get it over the hooks you will find.
Remove the plastic door sill by lifting it up, then by pulling the rear part towards the centre of the car.
Fold the seat back down and remove the only cap, then remove the 2 x t25 torx
Lift seatbelt adjuster to the top trust me
Remove the airbag badge bottom first from the b pillar and remove the t25 Torx
Then pull the top only of the b pillar panel then slide/pull the bottom towards the centre of the car.
Finally pull be sure to pull sharply and hard towards the middle of the car on the quarter panel or the clips will break. Using a trim tool WILL break the clips they are designed to fit with a bang and removed with a bang.

If you need to get to the outer panel then you will need a drill to remove the plastic "middle" service panel thing, sod that unless you like rattling rivet heads on your quarters for the rest of time.
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