Author Topic: Vw golf mk4 1.8t (AGU) r32 exhaust swap! The proper way.  (Read 7529 times)

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So I have begun my massive project! I run a car enthusiast/modding page on Instagram and also starting on youtube, and always use  His site for reference so I decided to join! As I know there any many people who do this mod and spend WAYY to much money! So!...

I have got a completely standard 1.8t agu engine 1999, and I'm going to make it into a r32 look alike.. and for the exhaust!... I'm going all out. Cutting out the spare wheel well and welding a sheet over it.. and using an original r32 back box. I'll be posting regular updates, pictures and problems I come across along the way! Feel free to ask questions and be sure to follow me on Instagram @anyonecanmod to see in detail full pictures of how I did this...

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Re: Vw golf mk4 1.8t (AGU) r32 exhaust swap! The proper way.
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Go for it! I look forward to seeing some pics ;-)

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