Author Topic: Driver door lock not working with key or manually depressed with door shut  (Read 925 times)

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Background, the car use to have central locking with fob but it stopped working years ago. I have been using the key to open all doors manually since then, all has been well till recently when the drivers door will not lock I can't turn the key (the door is shut) and if I am inside with the door shut I can't press the button down to lock either.
The rubber boot on the driver door was completely perished. I have removed both passenger and driver door cards thinking to use the working side as a comparision to see if anything is broken, missing, etc but are slightly different anyway. I did find a load of wires just hanging there but they may have been like that before the lock stopped working.
Any advice, help would much appreciated, and if anyone is local that would be good too, as i can't find any You tube vidoes that deal with my issue
Thank you in advance.

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Are the extra wires on the slave unit on the drivers side? If so these could be extra and not required. Slave unots were used to help pop the doors open from remote fobs and alarms.

I would check the rods and ensure they are not bent.

Try replacing the slave unit - pretty cheap.

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My central locking worked via a cable then when you turned the key it pushed a rob in to a vacuumed box. if your key isnt working it may just be a case that you replace the handles. Does it lock from inside when you press the pin and does that activate the central locking?