Author Topic: MK 7 Clubsport or 7.5 PP??  (Read 5865 times)

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Re: MK 7 Clubsport or 7.5 PP??
« Reply #100 on: 16 July 2021, 19:55 »
Mk7 CS prices seem buoyant at the moment, with a low miles CS-S around £40k (for a good one?) and a Mk8 CS thereabouts with extras, they do look reasonable value, in the right spec. :)

I am almost tempted to let my 10k miler go, but don't really know what I would replace it with?

And therein lies the dilemma:
  • Sell your car to take advantage of the current buoyant used car values but then find anything that’s nearly new and an in-demand model will currently have an inflated sale price, due to the worldwide shortage of semiconductors which has resulted in supply shortages of new cars and increased demand for good nearly new cars.
  • order a new factory build to your spec, but suffer a longer than usual wait for delivery. Manufacturers are currently having issues fulfilling customer orders within their normal lead times as they can’t get the semiconductors they need to build cars. Longer than usual lead times aren’t such an issue if you’ve got a second car to use, but could be if you have just the one car.
  • Find a new in-stock car at a dealer’s in a colour and spec you’d be happy with. Because of shortages of new cars which will mean reduced dealership stock levels, dealers will probably be much less willing to negotiate on the price of stock vehicles.
So buoyant used car values is the upside of the current situation which is good if you’re selling, but don’t forget the downsides.

Buy a £1k run around for a year and then sell it for the same when the new car arrives when the prices drop!
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Re: MK 7 Clubsport or 7.5 PP??
« Reply #101 on: 16 July 2021, 20:56 »
That is seriously tempting  my eldest is going to study in France for a year so her corsa will be lying idle