Author Topic: Newbie from Bromley .. Mk2 1.6cl auto with 16v abf conversion  (Read 678 times)

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Hi All..

Bought my mk2 already converted and running gsxr 750 bike carbs. Ran a little rough but was running and very drivable.

Intention was to slowly get the car running properly, clean the car up, and have an ongoing driveable project.

Got in the car one day and noticed a knocking sound from the engine. Wasn't sure where the knocking was coming from but was going to get under the car and have a good look about. Life got in the way a bit. Bought a new a new house and had a kid. Ended up putting the car on parents driveway for after I moved house and was going to have a good look. Up pops COVID and nothing more happened to the car and has now sat for about a year.

I have now got my house all sorted and next thing on the list is to get the car up and running and back on the road.

I'm possibly looking at reverting the car back to injection and getting rid of the bike carbs. There are loads of bits that were done by the previous owner which were never finished which also need sorting.

Thought I would join the forum to possibly get some help/advise on what I should be looking out for or look at changing along the way.

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Welcome, Hinezy.

Obviously the Mk.1 is the original but the Mk.2 will always be the most iconic for me.  Looks like you've got a tidy example there.
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Thanks Brocky. Yes it is a nice car but as with every old car, the closer you look, the more imperfections you see. Hopefully all of these will get ironed out at some point but that’s the fun with old cars!

Got round to charging the battery up and started it for the first time in around 11 months. Had an issue with the fuel pump not supplying fuel. Ended up taking fuel line off and opening up filler cap and turned ignition on. Fuel started to pull through. Put fuel line back on only to be welcomed by a fuel leak. The fuel line is seriously corroded so will need changing.

Managed to have the car run for a few minutes and it sounds as though the knocking sound is coming from the gearbox. Could be flywheel? When the clutch is depressed, sound quietens down.

Engine ran perfectly which was good!

Next thing is to tow the car to my place and get the gearbox off to have a good look!

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Hey. That looks like a great basis for a project. Shame the carbs have to go. Best of luck. I look forward to hearing more!

My brother has a tidy MK2, he's been a resto/repair journey with that too, but ultimately they're a sound investment now  :wink:

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Welcome Hinezy!

What a fantastic project car that sounds!
I had around four (I think) mk2’s back in the day but none were as special as your car.
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Got round to taking the gearbox off. Took the flywheel off and the bolts on the pressure plate were a bit loose allowing it to wobble. Pretty sure this is the cause of the problem!

Going to put new clutch kit in.

One issue I’m having is removing the pressure plate! I have removed the 6 bolts but it won’t come away. Almost seems as though the pressure plate is stuck behind the ‘centre pin’. Any recommendations for removing this. I tried a pry bar behind one side with no luck. Have sprayed a load of lubricant on it so hopefully eases it over night.