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Title: Steering lock
Post by: cliffk on 20 September 2021, 18:44
Hi All
Im new to the forum and not sure if this is the right place to post this.

I'm currently helping recommission a Mk4 golf GTI with a friend, the car has been standing uncovered in a garden for at least 4 years and has got pretty damp inside not water logged though.

We are doing pretty well but have a problem we cannot fathom, the steering lock is jammed, the key inserts into the lock easily but the key will not turn and for some reason the steering wheel will not free off so cannot be turned or car started, tried various amounts of wiggling and shaking the wheel but it wont shift.
Any ideas? If the answer is to remove the lock assembly is it a difficult job?

Thanks Cliff
Title: Re: Steering lock
Post by: joe6 on 17 October 2021, 21:01
The key needs to be turned to the on position to allow the steering wheel to be turned as this releases the steering lock. Are you sure the key is the correct one and either the ignition lock or door locks have not been changed? Normally to remove the ignition lock the plastic covers on the steering wheel need to be removed but this requires the steering wheel to be turned to access the screws holding the lower cover in place. There are videos on the net - search vw key barrel removal but this does not solve your problem of not being able to turn the steering wheel to start the process. Might need brute force to remove the lower cover and find a replacement?