Author Topic: Wanted: Mk7.5 Performance GTI with Dynaudio  (Read 3531 times)

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Re: Wanted: Mk7.5 Performance GTI with Dynaudio
« Reply #10 on: 02 April 2024, 20:40 »

Surely you can't leave

I've a V6 itch and a 4wd itch to scratch, but it's fully dependent on if the right spec catches my eye, couldn't possibly drive something without a sunroof  :wink:
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Re: Wanted: Mk7.5 Performance GTI with Dynaudio
« Reply #11 on: 02 April 2024, 22:23 »
I might be selling mine.

2018, 5 door, DSG, standard cloth, 19in Santiago’s, white silver, DCC, pan roof, Dynaudio, rear camera, FVWSH, MOT’d serviced and 4 new PS4’s in January. 38,000 miles, 10 months VW warranty, 10 months car park ‘dings’ warranty.

Standard spec, as they should be :)

I’d ask £19,995, haven’t looked at the current prices…

The car is fantastic, I’d only sell to buy a Mk8 R.
I hadn't seen this colour before I read this, so looked it up, looks the dogs bollocks, very nice colour :smiley:
Indium grey D.S.G. Mk7.5GTI pp

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Re: Wanted: Mk7.5 Performance GTI with Dynaudio
« Reply #12 on: 03 April 2024, 17:46 »
Thanks for the info on your car which has a great spec and is fairly priced especially with newish PS4's and a remaining VW Warranty. The only thing that's stopping me taking this any further is the white silver colour. It's a personal taste thing but my nephew had a standard GTI in this colour and I never really warmed to it.

Thanks again and you shouldn't have any problem selling with that spec at that price.

To be honest with you, I didn’t know what White Silver was when my car came up at Lookers, but I reserved it anyway. When I first viewed it in their underground car park I thought ‘meh’! Took it for a drive got out and walked around it, thought it’ll do due to the spec.
Drove it to my sons and his partner who both said “wow”!
Got up the next morning, saw it, thought ‘meh’!

Since then, though, in 7.5 GTI trim, with the roof and the Santiago’s I think it looks fantastic, I’ll generally look back at, it’s that good.

I’d say it’s a strong contender for the best colour for this spec.

Even though I love the way this particular car looks, I still think ‘meh’ if I see an R or a Seat in the same colour…

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Re: Wanted: Mk7.5 Performance GTI with Dynaudio
« Reply #13 on: 05 April 2024, 11:58 »
I think 'meh' describes my reaction but my nephew loved it. It's not that I hated it, I just wanted to get a car that ticked as many boxes as possible for me. Willy's car is an absolute stunner in Tornado Red but my mate who's a VAG diehard and owns a collection does not like Tornado Red. :shocked:

I was seriously keen on Willy's car but an unexpected opportunity in the shape of a GR Yaris has popped up. I race online weekly with a group of guys on GT7 and one of them unfortunately finds himself in a position where he needs to sell for and has offered me it and a price not far north of the higher end of the GTI PP top price. At three years old with 6k miles, still a couple of years warranty and just serviced on Tuesday I couldn't resist. Completely impractical and won't be a long termer like the Golf would've been but in a lovely scarlet flare colour!!  :grin:

Expect a bump to this thread in about a years time if not before!!

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Re: Wanted: Mk7.5 Performance GTI with Dynaudio
« Reply #14 on: 07 April 2024, 13:34 »
Wow, didn’t realise they’d dropped so much, I thought after all the press they had they’d hold their value…

Still not on my radar, though.

Do I sell my 7.5 to buy a Mk8 R that’ll cost me another £20k…