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Quinnii's MK6 GTi
« on: 27 February 2011, 17:09 »
Might aswell start mine now.  :laugh:

A bit about me and my cars i suppose would be good to start!

Name: Stuart
Location: Cumbria
D.O.B: 11/01/1988
Job: Maintenance Fitter / Temp. Foreman

Just recently got rid of the Focus, it was a sad day but the GTI is just another class of car quality!  :grin:

I did quite a lot to the focus in the short time i had it! Got it in January 2009, straight in with a remap running at approx. 260 BHP.

Ran fine for a while until the clutch started to slip with the massive amounts of torque being put through it and the 2007/8 clutches being a week batch it was time for that to come out.

Had the clutch, dual mass flywheel and hydraulic slave from the new focus RS installed.

After shelling out on that decided to have the 3" Milltek down-pipe and sports cat fitted to free up some restrictions in the exhaust.

Next comes the Uprated intercooler and forced air induction kit to tie in with the new remap from Dreamsicence.

Approx. figures from Dreamscience quoted that with the kit the car would be pushing somewhere between 330-40 BHP. Never got the chance to get it on the rollers to find out the actual figure so all i can go off if those figures so who knows what it was!

Quicker than my mates new RS anyway  :smug:

The volvo engines aren't really good for much more power without them becoming unreliable and with horror stories of other cars starting to split engine liners i decided to find a more reliable engine.  :laugh:

Had the Eibach pro's fitted just after christmas then decided to trade it in for my new toy!


The Car:

2009/59 Candy White Golf GTI DSG

11,000 miles, nicely run in!  :laugh:

Winter pack fitted, Headlight washers not working  :angry:

No other options!

Jaccara Interior (No more leather seats!, cant be dealing with constantly checking to see what the misses is doing with her bags and zips and what not, wrecking the seats!)

Standard sh!t RCD 310

Brand new 18" Monza Shadows with Bridgestone Potenza's

No xenons! Gutted! Loved them on the ST and they came standard! Will definitely be looking into this!  :wink:

Picked it up on the 16th of February 2011, just about a 900 mile round trip to get it! That was fun!


Ordered the 9WZ (3C8 035 730 A) before i even got the car!  :laugh:

Was here when i got home so i had to have it installed straight away. With the engine still warm from the drive home, i had the stereo out and the microphone cable ran up and through the roof lining (thanks to p3eps for his excellent How-To)

Wrapped the cables in foam to prevent any rattles and installed the control module nicely behind the climate control unit!

Sorry no pics of the install!

Ordered VCDS also before i got the car so this was ready to use.

Tried to get the bluetooth coded but its late and im tired so mistakes are made and i now have an airbag failure warning...

Big thanks to The Doc as he gave me his number and we sorted it! VCDS doesn't like clearing faults from several modules at the same time so the specific module has to be cleared to erase the fault! At least thats fixed, still no joy with coding the bluetooth though. Maybe it isn't compatible with the RCD310? Il wait for my RNS510 anyway.


Its christmas today!

New Mats are here!

Osir O-Shift GT's here!

RNS510 Version C has arrived, VIM activated!

Took two mins to slide this thing in and works a charm straight out of the box!

Now for more VCDS coding and to get that bluetooth up and running!  :wink:

Spent about 3 hours messing with VCDS and finally got it sorted! The modules needed to be installed through the module installation menu.

Phone and navigation menu now in the MFD  :tongue:

Mats installed not really worth mentioning TBH but they are only there until i can find some nice ED30's

Thats enough for today not going to start ripping the wheel apart for the O-shift GT's they can wait!


Time for the paddles!

got myself some of these from parts4euro:

Had a bit of trouble getting the airbag off, but with a little encouragement from you guys and a bit of force it popped off!

So did a fairly vital wire aswell it turns out!

Quinnii: "Im scared im going to break something pulling it!"

The Doc: "You won't "  :grin:

Got the paddles installed, they felt a bit too easy to press also so i put a larger spring in there to give them a more solid feel.

They are an excellent fit, really good quality product and pretty heavy aswell for aluminium!

They make gear shifting when using them alot more precise.

Not sure if im keen on how far they stick up from the wheel though but they're here to stay for now.


Got some more pics of the car today, its still pretty clean seen as though i havent cleaned it since i got it and its done nearly 800 miles!

By the way who's big idea was this:

Stupid cheap looking plastic piece of crap  :sick:

Absolutely spoils the wheel

This is going...

News Flash

Just curbed one of my new wheels!  :angry: x10

A woman in a Getz nearly had my wing off so evasive manoeuvres had to be taken! im raging!

Wheres the justice she was just going to plough straight into me!  :cry:
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2009/59 Candy White Golf GTI DSG
Winter Pack
RNS510 Ver C
9WZ VW Premium Bluetooth
OSIR O-Shift GT Paddles

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Re: Quinnii's MK6 GTi
« Reply #1 on: 05 March 2011, 15:57 »

First Wash!

Nice day today so i decided to give the Golf a wash!

Snapped a few pics with my mates new Integra JDM

Turbo vs Vtec

Let me know what you think!  :tongue:

2009/59 Candy White Golf GTI DSG
Winter Pack
RNS510 Ver C
9WZ VW Premium Bluetooth
OSIR O-Shift GT Paddles