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rear knocking mk7
« on: 30 March 2024, 15:47 »
Got the dreaded rear knockin. i went online to see what it is, and found it is common. So i decided to change the rear shocks for b4'snew top mounts and new bolts. And now it is knocking worse than when i started. So i changed the top mounts to 034's, torque up again, and still worse than ever. I now have new drop links and bushes, new koni actives (on order), raceline subframe alignment kit and new bolts (on order) Then i will get it 4 wheel aligned. But im not holding my breath.
Anyone cured this issue? I know and saw all the issues online but no definitive answer.

Ill have some nearly new b4's soon, so someone can have them if needed when i get the koni's.
if in doubt,rev the arse out of it