Author Topic: Fitting rear seats to a Clubsport S?  (Read 538 times)

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Fitting rear seats to a Clubsport S?
« on: 06 June 2024, 12:59 »
A good friend is looking at a mk 7 Clubsport S, with the idea of fitting rear seats and belts to make it more practical.

Firstly, I wanted a CS S initially, but the need for rear seats meant it was more practical to buy a Clubsport in 3 door, manual, Dcc, buckets etc as a base for a CS S. That is one consideration,

Secondly, I appreciate all CS S have rear seat delete, if you were to fit rear seats and belts, would the car be insurable in the Uk, even if you listed this as a modification?
I don't know if the CS S, has type approval specifically as a 2 seater car?. Is it a generic approval for a VW Golf Mk7?I

Another consideration is cost, I can't imagine it will be cheap to retro fit the seats, unless you find a mk7 CS being broken for spares, or as some might say, "parted out!".

Has anyone gone down this route, fitting rear seats to a CS S?


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Re: Fitting rear seats to a Clubsport S?
« Reply #1 on: 06 June 2024, 14:54 »
I've got a simpler idea, swap the CS S for my CS 40!

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Re: Fitting rear seats to a Clubsport S?
« Reply #2 on: 11 June 2024, 11:11 »

This really doesn't make sense to me and I suspect it will be prohibitively expensive or at best, not great value relative to finding a Clubsport which is why I assume VW offered this variant in the first place.

Some thoughts to add as an owner (nearly 7 years). I rarely use the back of mine but on the occasions I have, when you pull the seat forward, I've noticed that the side bolsters crease so I tend to slide the front seat forward to the end of the seat rail stop to create space and then tilt the seat at a far less acute angle to avoid the 'problem'. If you use the back regularly, this will be a pain or will wear and crease the bolsters. I think the piano black seat backs will also take a good scuffing as there isn't really much space to clamber in. I mention this because I was prompted by a friend (who had his seats stolen) to check pricing - a few years ago, they were around £13,500 and arrived as a kit of parts at the dealer. I could feel the dealer willing me not to order because the labour cost to assemble was difficult to estimate. I can't remember if that £13k was per seat or for a set but remember it made Porsche pricing feel reasonable. It has prompted me to be very careful with them!

I suspect you can order the clubsport rear seats from the VW parts catalogue and belts would be straight forward. Worth getting dealer pricing or chatting to your parts manager but putting the rears in will be a lot cheaper and easier than the fronts.

I seem to recall the car having type approval to carry passengers despite there being no proper seats or belts. I can't remember where I got this - possibly my insurer because I asked if I was able to carry passengers legally. I think you'd have to talk to an insurance company as it's a niche question - I suspect most won't because it's not worth the hassle or if they do, they'd charge you handsomely.

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